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  1. I made these requests to death, but they don't want to know anything. I own the DCS Flaming Cliffs, I like using the mig29, and there is little adventure on this plane.
  2. Why no answers ?, the software is no longer supported by anyone and no company, if it still lives today, it is thanks to enthusiasts. Also impossible to buy an old version.
  3. Hello, I bought lock on some time ago, the first version from ubisoft. Very fun and easy to use version. I wanted to buy flaming cliffs 2, but I couldn't find it. I searched a lot but without results. On the other hand I have the official software obtained on the site https://www.lockon.ru/en/flaming_cliffs_2/ But after installation he asks me for a serial number and there is THE PROBLEM. Can someone send me a serialnumber. No one has simulator support anymore. thank you in advance I live in Switzerland.
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