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  1. Hmmm.....June is summer...…and at least I use a calendar and know when summer begins April to JUNE.....June is summer.....summer is June
  2. Q2 Release? I'm bummed. Really hope this Module lives up to the hype, with delay after delay.
  3. Hind released in Q2? I'm really bummed. Was really hoping and saving money for sometime before summer.
  4. Released Q2? Major disappointment. I'm bummed out. Was hoping and saving money for sometime before summer. Might have to look at Kiowa.
  5. Excellent job, ED! Can't wait for the updates, but so far, great product...worth the wait.
  6. I too have played IL-2 since it's beginnings. This much more of a simulation than Il-2, which is more arcade-ish. For most aircraft in DCS, physics are more realistic, almost all the switches or buttons in the cockpits work.....it is all-around more realistic.
  7. I'm like you guys.....50 years old, first pre-order for me too! I'm really excited about the immersion factor this will add to my F-18 and F-14 modules! Not to sound negative, just hope this doesn't take as long to release as my above mentioned modules.....to excited to wait that long! Devs, PLEASE keep us posted.....please!
  8. Same exact thing. Crashes whenever I click fly button
  9. I LOVE THIS AIRCRAFT! From the looks of the bare metal, to the simple, yet fun to learn controls. My only reservation, and I mean THE ONLY reservation is that it's still in open beta. Can't wait for stable version!
  10. Does anyone know when the Mig-19 will get out of open Beta?
  11. Is anyone able to download the module? Or am I just dumb?
  12. Damn, look at you all. just when I thought I was smart...lol
  13. I think keeping in English would be a good idea. majority probably speak English. Native is more authentic, but most will not understand the names
  14. Thank you Vincent, excellent research, that one missed me. I was actually looking at J-6 regiments.
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