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  1. Im having the same issue with the latest Nvidia drivers. Where is the best place to find older drivers? The oldest I can find is 442.19.
  2. Can HARM be used effectively without the HTS in the Viper?
  3. Hi All, When troops are loaded in the sim does the gross weight of the aircraft increase? If so, what is the weight of a single solider that is used to make up the extra payload? Thanks in advance! CHF
  4. Hi All, I'm experiencing some real issues with stutters with the Cat. I normally run DCS on Med/High settings and have had no issues with stutters or frame rates with other modules (F18/M2000/A10C). My frame rates are good as per all other modules but I'm getting some severe stutters every 5-10 seconds with the Tomcat that are really making it unusable. I've been fiddling with settings for hours but can't shift the stutters even on the lowest settings. Any ideas guys? System info: WIN 10 | i7-6700HQ @ 2.6GHz | RAM: 16 GB | GTX 960M |
  5. That’s awesome, thank you!
  6. Hi All, I'm new to the Mirage and I'm really enjoying it so far. Does anyone have any info on some basic procedures used by the AdA to operate the aircraft? For example - what are the standard departure/arrival patterns used by the AdA? I'm just looking for a some information to add a touch more realism to my sim time in the M2K. Regards, CHF
  7. Hi All, Is there somebody working on updating the F18 user manual in line with mini updates? For example the current "Early Access Guide" has no mention of AMRAAMs. Any idea when the procedures concerning the newer weapon systems will be added to the documentation? Cheers, CHF
  8. Hi All, Can anyone offer any 'rules of thumb' to work with for basic mission fuel planning? I would like to hear what figures people use on average for each phase of flight/mission. I know there are so many variables here but some averages for use in the planning stage would be really helpful, and I can't find much guidance online. Thanks in advance, CHF
  9. Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked already but I can't find an answer through the search. When (if at all) do the Hornet mini updates become available for the release version of 2.5? I uninstalled my 2.5 open beta once the Hornet was added to the release version and want to know if I should bother re-installing open beta or just wait out. Cheers, CHF
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