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  1. Amazing work guys, can't wait for it to come out. But what are the weapons that this mod will be able to carry?
  2. A fantastic work from u guys, thanks for spending all this time creating this amazing piece of art work, I had 2 questions regarding this mod, which weapons can it carry and from which era is this skyhawk? Thanks in advance
  3. Welcome back cubanace and ur new team, I have always seen ur wonderful work and the stuff u and ur team made for CAP are amazing , but I would like to know if u are going to continue working on the Cessna and the kfir/cheetah?
  4. A good company should be able to satisify all its customers and make them happy so that they would continue dealing with that company, but the way u as a community manager are speaking, u mean that these stuff aren't important for u at all, I don't think that a community manager should have such an attitude, u must support us and try to fix any problem that we are facing or u will lose all ur customers. U should support people like drex cause they both benefit u (ED) and us (the players), I am sure that most of the PG map sales that u had these days was just because of people willing to p
  5. I am currently using the VSN mod to fill the place of these aircrafts.
  6. @FS201 how did u edit the country files, I tried once but dcs world crashed.
  7. Why isn't Bahrain in the map between Qatar and Saudi Arabia?
  8. Thanks for the help, i had a question , why isn't there any air to air missile but in the encyclopedia it is said that the plane can carry 2 aim 9s or 2 magic?
  9. Guys the mod is amazing, but I have some problems as I can't find the steering lock switch. Thank you so much for this amazing mod.
  10. This is amazing;we will have the A-4E and the MB-399 soon and i hope multiplayer servers add these planes.
  11. will the cockpit labels be in Italian or English?
  12. hey Gizmondo, can i get a download link for the su 30 mod plz your work is amazing thanks
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