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  1. And here we are in early 2021 and the ticking is still there, this noise has bothered me since I bought the Huey in 2015.
  2. It's in "Instant Action" I choose Yak, Caucasus, Free flight and it loads 3/4 or the way then that error shows up...Everything in multiplayer works fine.. Just like everything in DCS,,,.. Beats me,,lol
  3. No "\" Comms menu You're a genuis... that did the trick @ least it works well now for multiplayer,, however in single player now it wont load and gives an error that say's "mission cannot be saved due to errors - Yak-52: invalid frequency 125 mhz" before even loading,, now I play multiplayer a lot more then single player so "lol" I'm half happy..But you seemed to fix it and I thank you for that....:thumbup: :pilotfly:Any ideas about that new error? :huh:
  4. No "\" Comms menu Still nothing,, my frustration level is mounting...there's got to be some way of just starting over with the yak.. oh yea i may have failed to mention that the Yak was just fine, comms menu and all before the skin I downloaded and installed
  5. No "\" Comms menu I own Many planes and choppers they all have comms menu online and off but this yak has no comms menu whatsoever, online or off..would love to just wipe the yak completely off or out and start brand new, so far I've tried everything. I put a Support ticket in E.A. but they told me to ask here. So here I am hoping some nice folks here can help, please
  6. Bought the Yak-52, Downloaded and installed 1 skin from DCS user files, skin did not work, deleted skin and now I have the same downloaded skin and more importantly I now have no "" Comms menu, uninstalled the Yak and deleted every file that said Yak, did the Steam verify file integrity, it did put some files back and then I re-downloaded and installed the Yak fresh and nothing changed, still same plain skin and no "". please help PC specs Intel Core i7 4790K 4.0gh 24gig ram GeForce GTX 1660 6gig ram 500gig Sandisk ssd for Steam
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