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  1. I agree with the recommendation from GOA, I run almost the same config. Minor difference in graphics card manufacturer. I use water cooling but no opinion either way on which is best, I have always used Noctua fans before and they are superb. I run DCS in VR with very satisfactory results. If you do purchase the Taichi then don't be in too big a rush to upgrade the BIOS as one of them, I will need to check which version, reduces the SSD performance. GOA, if you are reading this i wouldn't mind seeing your overclock settings in your BIOS to get the stable 5.0 Ghz.
  2. I have continued to troubleshoot it and have found the following fix. In the Thrustmaster configuration utility it has the following settings: 1) Character generation rate 2) Pulse event time I have attached a screenshot. I lowered the setting from 20 & 35 respectively to 5 & 5, which was a step in the right direction however this caused the knob rotation to be hit and miss. So raising the values to 10 & 10 has worked and the knobs now rotate smoothly and the menus advance at the correct rate. I now need to test it more thoroughly to ensure the key presses for e
  3. I am having this exact same problem as well. I am using the NS430 in VR built in to the L-39c cockpit. However I am using the Thrustmaster Warthog. no matter what delays I put in to the key presses or change from pulse to hold, when using the joystick buttons the NS430 always responds as though its on fast tune as opposed to fine tune. The result being it jumps several key clicks ahead.
  4. Todays update has hit visuals and performance, tearing at the bottom of the screen (in VR) +1
  5. Just flown it for about an hour in the Persian Gulf and the latest update is great. The sound of the cannon is particularly pleasing. The weapon release is back working as promised. The AOA seems to be more forgiving but still keeps you on your guard in those energy zapping break turns. Its is Beta and things do take time to correct but this is well worth the wait, this module is a perfect fit on the new map. Easily the best module in DCS! Good work!
  6. Same here, happens irrespective of whether it's in VR or not. Checked my crash log and it refers to: VFS can't open file //models/mig-21.edm.json And ARC error, Nav data file is corrupted. May or may not be relevant.
  7. Communications Issues - Tonopah Hi, I am using Viacom Pro 2.5 and run in to a lot of comms issues at Tonopah Test Range and other friendly bases after landing. I get the confirmation bleep from Voiceattack/Viacom Pro but the command doesn't get acted upon. I have noticed these errors in the DCS.log: 2018-05-06 10:18:11.682 ERROR SOUND: can't load wave: "sounds\speech\sound\eng\common\disabled\callsign\enfield" 2018-05-06 10:18:11.682 ERROR SOUND: can't load wave: "sounds\speech\sound\eng\common\disabled\digits\1-begin" 2018-05-06 10:18:11.683 ERROR SOUND: can't load wave: "
  8. Hi, Try downgrading your Nvidia driver to the following exact version: 388.59. There is a posting on the Oculus website regarding poor performance and the later version Nvidia drivers. I have downgraded myself, flown my test missions in Kobuleti and the issue is resolved. It is back to its smooth self again. Hope this works for you.
  9. I have been flying the Harrier in and around Kobuleti for the last 10 days having just purchased the module. Have had no issues with stutter at all, that is until I accepted and updated my Occulus software tonight.c My system is I5 4670k 4.2 Ghz, 32 Gig of memory and a GTX 970, 500 Gig Samsung 850 pro M2 SSD.
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