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  1. 53 Gb here.... Had to remove Persian Gulf cuz I had only 20 gb free.... Im not going to buy another SSD just because this patch!!! Kinda ridiculous....
  2. Honestly for me the only issue is the FPS, Have to decrease the details a lot in order to play at 40 50 fps. Rest of the map I have 120 fps. i5 7600k 32 gb ram and 1070Ti
  3. Sinceramente a me personalmente delude, minimo effort e mappa fatta con copia e incolla. TT acqua e le qualche isola dove usare le nuove portaerei che lanceranno. Non mi ispira proprio per niente purtrppo. Speriamo almeno sia piccola che cambiare ssd per sta mappa proprio non mi ispira XD
  4. Not sure how many here know yet, but I have found finally a MP server where CSAR is operation, as slinging. When a Pilot get downed and positively ejected, the CSAR mission start and if succesful the pilot get a life back. Flown with a huey and a Mistral as support chopper behind enemy lines for a mix and its lot of fun!! Also slinging is really helpful for the mission, you can actually build units slinging and manage them with Combined Arms. Server is called Red Storm Rising, the team is working hard to fix and balance a bit, but they are pretty open to suggestion. Give it a try if y
  5. Having Great fun on this server, Still not completed but CSAR and Slinging to help Dynamic Campaign is a blast. Well done team!!!
  6. Whats CMC file? I have a CH Fighterstick.
  7. Bigskill


    On Red Storm Rising server we got the ADF system combined to CSAR mission when a pilot get shotdown and is working fine to be honest.
  8. Starting from my spec: i5 7600k at 4 ghz, 32 gb ram ddr4, Evga 1070ti clocked in safe clock mode on win 10 OS. I use to run dcs in 1920x1080 with 90- 180 fps, I had the 419.17 nvidia drivers, all good till I decided to try some newst drivers, released last week. Lost roughly 60 fps with same control panel settings, so I decided to roll back, removed all the old drivers with DDU and reinstalled the 419.17. Well same settings and everything and now I perform in between 45 and 90 fps only while on ground. Sometimes i get 100 ish flying above 10k feet. Is still playable of course but I w
  9. Sometimes they still dont engage targets, with the recent changes (nerf) survival time is still below 0. RIP huey
  10. Is not only the damage missing, but also the AI sometimes they dont shoot at all, viceversa enemy AI head shot you at 100 kts 3 nm away...... very upset considering been flying the huey gunship a lot in online Dynamic MP missions.
  11. After the last update huey in MP is garbage , Doors gunners with gatling were use to destroy also apc and light armored vehicle, since the last update (nerf) they cant kill a damn apc anymore and the hardly start shooting, resulting the enemy AI headshotting you in few sec even flying at 100 Kts...... I mostly play in Dynamic MP campaign server and used to be lot of fun. Now not fun anymore.
  12. Tested the Cargo view for slinging, works great still thx!!!
  13. Hello, just curious to know if this cargo view mod is still working :)
  14. When are we going to see the plane added as actual DCS Plane :) you deserve it! :)
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