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  1. have you tried settings up some curves in the settings?
  2. well a lot has to do with looks, i mean cmon its a sexy ass plane but its also good fun to fly, take it on any straffing/convoy mission for the fun of it, good flying will get it though better than you think
  3. i just done it, just clone your drive to new one, delete what you dont want want, job done, no problems at all, didnt even need re naming, changing anything, switched all modules off first of course
  4. compared to our normal bird, how much does the update bring, is there a big change?
  5. has the download protocols been changed? havent been able to ply a while, so just ding a massive update, as we live in the country our ne is very bad, so i used to be able to download a bit, switch off, re start. now i just done a big chunk yesterday, and now its starting right from scratch?
  6. hey guys, used to use a warthog, and still had to remove the spring as to strong for me over long periods on copters, arthritis dont help. was thinking of getting the above stick as ii think itl be much easier, how do you rate them?, hogs have gone to stupid prices now theres a shortage thanks
  7. years ago I helped re wire that mossy in the museum, I lived close by and as my dad made them it was pretty cool, he also said the a few pilots drew a marker on the windows so they could line up for low level bomb runs. where we live now was a secret early base for a few of them to go and defend Portsmouth, very weird but where we live now is the old mossy base and a flying spit, which my wifes aunt used to fly (deliver) women weren't allowed ammo....far too dangerous for the poor things, we also had a pilot live in our house, so strange how things come around,
  8. no not the way it is at the moment, if I have payed for the modules then I shouldn't need to pay to fly them. I play EVE online and have done for around 10 years, but EVE is different, I payed a sub of 10 gbp a month which is fine, im playing an online game...no offline like I play DCS, and I haven't bought the modules so totally fair, but in eve I no longer pay as I can buy the monthly sub out of the money I make online, this of course wouldn't work for DCS. im more than happy to help fund DCS, I love the game and have a lot of money tied up in it, but maybe the way to go is see if people would pay for an online aspect? I doubt it as I think most of us play offline. maybe we could buy shares?
  9. ill look into the ch stuff, forgot about them, one reason for not wanting the hog agin is even when I modded it, was so stiff spring wise it used to hurt my arm
  10. hey guys looks like I may be back to play after all, now I need a new stck n throttle, I did have the hog but for a couple of reasons just don't want one now, at first im looking for the cheapest way/combo just to see if I can still play it ok, sooo long story short what can you recommend?
  11. probably been asked before, but due to medical stuff, I'm unable to play DCS anymore, is there a way I can let someone else have my modules? seems silly to have them just sit there as I have quite a few thanks for help
  12. Very good condition throttle and stick, plus some TM pedals only 6 month old, UK only because of postage, Looking for £200 can work something out for postage unless your in the area
  13. tom-cat without a doubt, best looking plane too
  14. man that's a shame and so young, wishes too your family, R.I.P
  15. thrustvector


    just wondered if this has been updated with all the new stuff, like setting the INS etc?
  16. Its came down with the latest update, hope we get some fixes for all the rotor head probs
  17. hmm, was working but now stopped, maybe itl return on its own
  18. anyone notice the panel doesn't seem to work now in the latest update, not even the test button?
  19. we need this on Normandy, better fields
  20. yep confirmed, mgs work ok, I usually use them, but mini guns track and rotate but not fire, dam we have so many bugs now
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