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  1. ah I see, thanks for the info, yes I did stray a few times had a very demanding cat on my lap, so attention strayed still love the way it strives for the realism, over that one now anyway. great job on this one mate
  2. well same here i posted above/below you i get the almost like flashes on screen mainly over water in a rotor too similar thing.....i think?
  3. umm not sure if you know of these random events? as the text afterwards sort of said unexplained explosion? was flying back from the carrier first mission up the river and both wolf 1 and me just whent pop? just one other thing ti mention too, be nice to see wolf 1 actually land on the carrier. but looking forward to re doing the first mission, was surprised at how techy the first mission is, v good job mate
  4. now, i have no problems with this bird, flown for years, but re doing this campaign and on the sky crane mission she refuses to start, even turn the blades, anyone else having probs with this? only since update, all other missions / cold starts are fine?
  5. yes looking under the aircraft close up from the front is plain glitchy or plane
  6. yea the video track doesn't show it quite as bad as it is, ( so yep a bit worse) the will flash a dark blue, it seems as you're getting close that its like their reflection on the water around them? it was late last night for me but can go and do another track if you need, that was just quickly done in editor, i had it bad on a UH-1 campaign, so as totally different seems easy enough to replicate? thanks for looking Flappie
  7. this one also shows the ice sheet at batumi, the bridge flashes the same as the ships, when coming back inland troopm45i8 VL.trk
  8. well dont matter how big i said out of batumi, but to be fair it does not matter where you are its anywhere out at sea, only happend after update, sorry for crap track, going to bed/head tracker was of, so just used any module and put a few ships out at sea, as you can see as soon as i turn the view sideways, by hand lol, you see all the flashing troopmi8 VL.trk
  9. i mean its sort of ok now, if you look down at the stick it still judders, doesn't effect the plane/copter though, this is a brand new one too,its the little trim wheels that are the problem, not that i use them at all
  10. this is near Batumi, on flying out to sea on a UH-1 mission i can see flashes, it seems like it ships etc, as you get closes the flashes vanish, like dark and light spots. will put up a track if needed, unfortunately the mission then crashed back to menu screen
  11. man, great job, this will be great once i can use on an android tab
  12. VMFAT-101 DESERT and Blue (digitalcombatsimulator.com) found it in case n e 1 else wants, looks lovely
  13. thanks man, just started using this, the diff is amazing, this should be in the game as std
  14. thrustvector

    lost skin

    ok, found it by accident, but didnt complete the download and now i have lost it on the user files, this is a bit vague, but it was a twin pack, a dessert camo and a blue, i think agressor, the main pic was a externall cockpit looking forward of the blue. appreciate any help thank you
  15. no your doing right but thats without the mission where you dont need to self lase, so JTAC will do that for you hence just skip the bit about the flir
  16. of course they sink ships, one of my family members was on the ship in the falklands. but yea as in RL, you usually need to chuck more than one at them to overwhelm the defences, they are not just sitting ducks you know
  17. this is caused but a not long enough alignment, when you start up, make sure before you move or use brakes, the nav ready is flashing, not just saying ready, then look at your DSMS page, they will be aligned shortly after that
  18. Mmm has he, any link to it? I'll look about though, thanks for info
  19. wondering, i know ed wont make one (be nice though) but if there's any modders out there would make it?
  20. anyone got some for sale, uk?
  21. im having a problem on this mission too, flew a few times but the wing man is useless, he wont engage a thing, i had to re arm further down the line as a whole mission solo was too much
  22. thanks Ziptie, didnt know that, dam sleeping bombs eh, il try later thanks you
  23. i think i have just got stuck in a rut here, no bug just the nut behind the wheel when i try to use these bombs, im obv missing a part out as i get them white on the stores page not green? master arm on, SPI marked, using ccrp, get the correct hud lines etc but they stay white, all other bombs/missiles np, what am i missing?
  24. thank you guys for at least the new flag and looking into this, i know the default position is no big deal, as the pilot can lower his seat, but the majority of the full hud is still not visible without major head bobbing. so thanks for at least looking into it
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