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  1. the Art of flying is to throw yourself at the ground................................and miss :) well known saying from very wise?
  2. haven't tried without that weta43, ill report back when my update is done later :)
  3. well I'm afraid to say, but for me I feel the shark for one seems like its been abandoned, the oldest full module and it doesn't really work one way or another, always a problem or 2...or more. I know there must come a time when maybe older modules just don't work anymore with updated code, but as this is a sim for those, or all the modules, they should have a re code process, I know it takes time, but the amount of things for example only with the shark that are wrong it deff needs some love, and I think would show a commitment to keep all there hard work in tip top order for us to enjoy and look good for prospective buyers/onlookers of other modules, feeling that they will be looked after. it seems at the moment its a just a push for new this and that and it does not matter about the old stuff as we have all this new stuff coming we want you to spend money on. I don't want to sound bitter,im not, I love DCS and will continue to play, but I also love my shark/A10c etc and want them to work well at the same time. DS may have had its option on off to make it easier for coding purposes, and I understand/hope all modules will be made to work with it, but it seems to be going a bit too quick and needs to slow down.... I dunno just my thoughts :)
  4. lol, don't worry mate take a chill pill, all issues are reported
  5. you are lucky then, I have loads of problems, which I doubt will ever be fixed
  6. in the map, I keep getting the blue sky and clouds appear, no not looking up, full colour blue sky and clouds, in the whole map/half etc etc, flashes on and off? 2.5 beta
  7. I find that the osb buttons do not select them anymore, but using the lower pilon selects work, they do fire ok but you need to check on procedure as it has changed slightly, and it seems that you have to select one mav at a time not the whole lot....saying that maybe the switch for pairs or something I didn't try
  8. doubt the shark will ever get properly fixed with all its problems
  9. I have smoke/exhaust gases coming out from the top of my wings above the directional vents? pic to follow if I can later aha don't worry reported below.... vapour
  10. indeed, but I believe we had a few here at Exeter than ran with a few mossies ( they were a secret project) they were here with spits to protect part of Portsmouth and this area, and they had changes to the props, with the outlets above it still looks swordfishy to me but its hard really to tell from the pic. there is so much stuff you find while wandering on hols eh :) to add to that maybe its too far away from here for that prop?
  11. may be wrong but I think its a Fairey Swordfish
  12. aha, sometimes that happens, its all to do with not being on dead level terrain, I use a helipad with some trucks n eye candy around it, then itl work just fine,
  13. all works fine now, very quick, so do check your control settings
  14. this full campaign is being looked at to be updated, check out the mission thread
  15. im afraid it seems its the imposed DS, its said it could be fixed in future updates, a lot of the cockpits/some systems are suffering similar things
  16. not movies, but I have to watch the new series of marvel agents of shield on sunday nights, Tuesday is Gotham, and then Thursday young Sheldon :)
  17. weren't the thunderbolt the A, and the hog the C? but yea ill shave my head charity or not lol
  18. see also what I don't get is, I guess they all have super duper monster pcs, and the testers as well? because when I done numerous testing for other companies...some still on NDA we made sure to have a wide range of Pcs, so is this problem just on lower end ones? if not, surely they could see the bad results, and would leave the DS as a switch for us while working on a good build for them selves?
  19. sorry delete thread/ done a repair all fine
  20. didn't have this until a recent crash, but now when I press this I get a completely black screen, not even any lit buttons, I know menu is in the middle so pressing that will bring me back to the main page where everything is lit again?
  21. win 10/i7 6700/16gb ram/gtx 950 dcs.log-20180428-162033.zip
  22. well of course itl make you better, but to be excellent you will need a human opponent
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