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  1. ok, on topic why take the jug if you could take the mustang?
  2. as weight is a factor for carrier landing, i know theres a recommended weight, so just wondered thats all
  3. just a question though, would they not drop them on a carrier landing?
  4. haha ah sorry man, i misunderstood the original msg from command then, as in use F10 for your own flight, sorry,
  5. just as an update, they still do not attack using the F10 menu, but they do if i use normal comms/flight etc
  6. mmm, ok ill try again, i did do not long after the air combat when i was instructed to let base know of visual, thanks though ill re try, hopefully my bombing will get better lol
  7. ok, having a few probs here, i generally miss the tgt , but the wing, even when told to attack primary (via F10) never drop there bombs?
  8. yea thanks, ws thinking this is just the way they were, finding a bit more accurate with pip bombing, makes a mission in the campaign a bit of a pain as wingmen dont drop there bombs, so if i miss i need to re run it
  9. ok, are the bombs inaccurate? no matter how i try they either fall a bit short or a bit long, i use a very steep at least around 40deg, no less, using auto mode they usually do miss, on manual, 1 at a time so i get 2 try's they get close but no cigar. is it just a matter of keep practising or are they just a bit hit n miss?. mainly trying the std drop, i.e electro cage on tgt for around 3 secs for auto, get the drop queue, and trying it in manual too appreciate any help
  10. mmm, i didnt get this about a year ago, when i needed to have time off, so its seems to have been since then, well thanks for the info
  11. just wondering whats going on here, i dont think i have seen this mentioned so may well be a problem on my end somewhere, but i often need to go into the settings to re do key/hotas binds, as i get either a conflict or im just changing stuff about. i then find whole columns filled out to say the pedals from view to thrust etc, or random ones, it does not just do it for pedals but for stick/hotas as well, and i find i have to delete loads of them, and some items on the left side are duplicates, like 2 slow left,2 slow right etc etc, hope you get my drift here and maybe have a bead on whats going on?
  12. ran this 3 times same thing
  13. thanks winer, dont do to much on the editor so didnt know, thanks for that
  14. cant complete mish, just wondered if it was me or the mission, without big spoilers, get to the pickup, and get 8 on board, then nothing, so killed all in the city and went home above 5 times,,even tried all the pads and nothing?
  15. is it possible somehow to use the Airfields you see unused on the map...any map. or make an airfield so it can be used, preferably your own where you want it?
  16. oh well only a thought :), is it poss you have a conflict ? as if its just on the 10, then it might be something simple
  17. when you stop/pause opentrack then it stops as its paused of course, it seems quite possible its picking up/or not either some random light like window/reflection or the point track is to high or low to pick up the bottom led. try changing the values of the light intensity for the leds, cant remember exact name on the settings as not at my pc
  18. ah sorry, dam thats some upgrade, didnt know that, they are so close together it has an awesome stopping power
  19. the cat will be the best freind you have, mine sits on my lap while i play and sometimes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalks over the keyboard
  20. yea 4x 7.62 i think yea?, 900 rounds in wing, 500 in nose, still a dam good stopping power, those 190s hate it
  21. mmm, and just change the lua entry i guess
  22. indeed, would really help the immersion, sitting in the woods just waiting....
  23. i have them all, prob in order i would go oilfield border hero crew, but i also have and really like the Bay of Hogs, its free on the download section and is very good, 1st mission is sometimes a pain on last checkpoint, sometimes works sometimes not, but you could always play them individually
  24. yep go for it. quite fun and a real stable bird to fly with great looks, doing one of the campaigns atm and is a great way to learn her, start-up is simple as, and the few switches you need for that and weps are very simple to learn
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