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  1. oh i know the zoom is wrong, but what i meant is i just like how the atflir works, may not be better atm but i do like it, and the best pod is the one you get on with best
  2. Yes zoom not as good, but I prefer it too, just seems so much more fluid in use
  3. funny, i find it a fun a cool aircraft to play, very easy to fly and simple ass to start up etc, also a good campaign where i killd many migs
  4. would it be possible to add a few more instant action options for other planes to use the SC, so for example i can jump into and just fly around/land on instead of making a mission for harrier/or whatever?
  5. Rudel, have you got this in X-plane? is it a good sim of it?
  6. Eduardo, yea cheers was that, thanks
  7. guys, i deleted my folder by mistake to make skins, when i try a re download it always stops before the end?
  8. hehe should prob say i bought some now, really like them, sooo much better than the TM ones, nice n smooth
  9. good video, love the old 16, it sure does eat those 109s
  10. Is it possible for someone to make a simple black screen which ideally could be mapped to a switch/ button to completely cover the screen of the nav device to cover the unit when off, as with nvg it's blinding in the Gazelle?
  11. zukov, i like that we need to get these great skins up on the user files
  12. thanks urbi, totally wicked
  13. Indeed, there's too much glare as is to leave it enabled in settings
  14. man thats a good read, thanks, whats the not for publication about...if im reading it
  15. hey skypork, any chance of that skin?
  16. Dam, just found this one, very easy to fly, really looking forward to this getting better as time goes on. Look forward to more good job guys and thanks for doing it, be great in some Vietnam missions bombing the hill!
  17. thats if if you really need, but as above i havent needed to do that as its not that bad, plus i use dcs ufc on the android store, brilliant app and you use that for many consoles
  18. i prefer the 18, i have them both, its very easy to fly and pretty easy learning the basic systems, to me the viper just isnt there yet, i do use it with the supercarrier and thats cool, but you dont have to, so yea my vote for the 18
  19. Re set?/stop tracking, or maybe a snap view
  20. its always the older models that suffer, as more work goes into the new stuff, but as matter of course i think they should be updated to keep your product as the best
  21. just wondering, less i missed it :), if we could have a simple save all to the profile setings, that would let us just save joystick/rudder/throttle/keyboard etc in one go, it would make re binds after a problem so much easier
  22. yea its a total to pain to find you have a night mish, cancel, go to settings, re start etc, shame theres not even like a night mode
  23. is there a way, apart from always going back into settings every time i fly a night mission to switch the unit off completely? when its in the Gazelle at night with NVG the glare is too much, but a pain to do every time i get a night mish back n forth into settings?
  24. haha yea, see i think the stang is better, seems to have a much better pull out power and nicer flight characteristics, maybe easier as you say dunno. not sure of why i feel the jug is the underdog, it just sort of feels that way in flight to me, i pulls up fine in a dive, but does not seem to have the power or soul, sure when i look down its doing the same speed and has climbed the same alt but cant put a finger on it, shame as i really wanted it, but atm no my fav warbird to fly
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