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  1. on your start page, top, you can see a gear icon for the settings, make sure Mi-8 selected and go to.....oooo either mysc or special I think forgot which one, look on there with the 8 selected and you can change settings there for in cockpit, also change or make sure global language is set to English
  2. even after the update, it still just flys around, even when there was only one truck left it didn't engage
  3. it does for me ;) make sure you have everything on, just to check
  4. well I never have that checked as tm hog isn't ff, so that's your problem solved?
  5. nope no problem at all. tried quick start and my own, all fire independently and on correct sides and arcs of fire, maybe check you have them set right?
  6. the black one is still a WIP, as I need too add more shading
  7. now really, do it for the rest of the modules :) or most of them
  8. can see too well, have done a couple of different ones, may put a name under
  9. ooo haven't done that for a while, but I seem to remember you need to "wiggle the dials an itl get past it
  10. just a quickie :) how do you get so close on the camera to the pilot? my F2 wont go that close
  11. you haven't an auto pilot on the spit, but you can speed up time with ctrl-z then slow down with alt-z (left control+alt)
  12. strange how some of us don't get it, there must be a common problem somewhere you would think
  13. delete the headtracking folder then itl work
  14. erm, the starboard mini gun....is right firing? when the co pilot has the mini gun its the front mounted ones unless I read you wrong?
  15. all you need to do is set up some curves, then ittl be to your own personal taste
  16. I know, its sort of all there but no explanation how or why. youtube is your friend :)
  17. I'm sure that's in the tutorial? maybe wrong but yes you got it right now, you will here a click, then start to hear a rise, stop as the blades starts to move, equalize, then move slowly to full
  18. oh god, following an AI to an objective is soooo painful sometimes, ive quit missions in campaigns a few times and gone back later to them
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