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  1. ok, doesn't seem a lot of interest, but i found exactly where it is, and found a 100% way to replicate, work every time, its when rpm just gets to 10 on the rpm dial. as you here the little cick before AB kicks in, then it will boom, in pilot pit

  2. hmm well yea i would hope so, but, the external fly by is temperamental, works most of the time, but mainly i have found its within 1 min or so of take off, the booming in co pilot seat is just unbearable, its pretty overpowering.

    i didt get a track of it as i needed to go out quick, ill try later if needed, but seems im not the only one that hears it

  3. man, i done a cold start  tutorial to see if anything changed, NP.

    taxi up to runway then, had a few probs with cat :), so for fun i just thought i would see ground damage model as he put me off takeoff!

    its indestructable, put the prop in the ground, full throttle sitting on the nose, dropped back on wheels then blasted along hitting stuff.

    nope no damage at all, in the end i was upside down engine running with no probs, lol

    track is long as i done the tut..............let me know if you need it

  4. man this is good, if you could just revise EDs manuals now 🙂

    just to add after going through it all, you have put outstanding detail in here, easy to understand and informative, graphics are excellent too.

    only thing i would change if being picky, would be to change heading page colours, as they blend in to the rest too easy, be better to spot separate chapters.

    really good job mate

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