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  1. Hi, I'm doing some ME stuff, setting up for a multiplayer mission. We run our client slots in independent groups... so one single client in each group / every client has a unique group. this is because each plane is unique to a member and is used in different roles / flights, so we keep them independent. However i would like to assign in game callsigns to theses aircraft, such as Ford 1-1, or Colt 2-3, for awacs purposes. This is not possible as i cannot give an aircraft a -2/-3/-4 designation if it is alone in a group and hence the group 'Leader'. I was wondering if there is a work around / an easy change that can be made to allow this to happen? In short i want to make a single client aircraft with no designated wingmen, Ford 1-3. Thanks
  2. Any chance of a clue as to whether this has been adopted / considered?
  3. Now, how can we be sure a Heatblur Dev has seen this???!?
  4. Can we drop the replay track fetish? firstly its unreliable, secondly, i wasnt LIVE MULTIPLAYER!!!!! that means LIVE, including pilots reactions etc... not replays.... thirdly, the server i mostly play on makes replays redundant. it uses an external server and scripting to spawn in units etc.... track files and replays are empty. so no, that is NOT an option
  5. Yh that’s basically what I’m saying.. to those saying it’s a cheat, or that it might ‘stress’ the code (wtf does that even mean lol), I am not suggesting this as an option that is always on. For example I would have thought it possible that a server can switch off this feature etc if it’s considered an excess advantage, which I agree it could be. Also ‘looking’ at jester was not my idea, and I agree that this would be next to impossible. This not what I was talking about. Again I will state.... this i intend for purely entertainment or convenience, for RECORDING a LIVE MP situation from a nice angle, or training a PILOT, not a RIO. I’m talking bloke in back talking to a new pilot, maybe teaching BFM, but also instructing them on how to use JESTER in a ‘one man’ situation. This is because, let’s face it, multicrew will be really quite poor due to the aweful netlag and general bad conditions of multiplayer at the moment, thus most of us will fly as a single man + jester (assuming you even know someone that is willing to sit behind you). So I’m saying have this + a POV of the RIO, maybe even when in this mode, prevents the 2nd man from throwing switches to deconflict with the AI
  6. Yh you don’t get it. I’m asking for the option to have an individual sit in the back seat and not interrupt the operation of the plane. Say “just don’t operate the radar” is the exact reason I asked the question. I’ll make it clear.... this is for MULTICREW. 2 Players (humans) in a LIVE multiplayer environment. Tracks / replays or SP are irrelevant. This is for having a 2nd individual that ‘sees’ from the RIO POV, but jester does all the work as if only the pilot was in pit
  7. Hi, I don't know if this has been brought up before, so sorry if there's a repeat, but would it be possible to have the option to have the RIO, during multicrew, in a purely 'Observer' role? Ie have a 2nd player in the rear seat, who is able to look around etc , but the pilot remains in full control of the aircraft via Jester AI? This might allow for such things as training or video capture etc without making the 2nd 'crew member' necessary for aircraft operations. Just a thought
  8. Hmmm, good luck with it, but expect to have to do a full reinstall. FYI, i ran the unins000 app in the game folder, followed by a manual deletion of the residual folders and the saved game folder. I did however take a copy of this saved games folder and placed it elsewhere under a different name. Install was okay, then pasting in the inputs from the copied folder had no detrimental effect.
  9. A full reinstall appears to have solved the problem.... Happy bug hunting, assuming that you’ll attempt to ID the problem
  10. Fxo and metashader were deleted etc prior to this report, as was the standard repair cleanup etc. Unfortunately the go to quick fixes have no influence over this. This is also not a recent bug, first noticed it about a month ago... can’t remember exactly when, but post 2.5 with the ‘new’ explosions, a few patches in, maybe hotfix 2 roughly (So yes the 2.5 explosions used to work / be visible)
  11. Might I add that this is not exclusive to 82SE, but most weapons, including rockets, clusters, gbus etc, across all airframes
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