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  1. Maybe old news, just came across it..
  2. Thank you both, good to go! I will edit the start-up to match the YT Start-up video (if it isn't already 100%). As for the PDF manual's location, in my case it's C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\MosquitoFBMkVI\Doc\DCS DH Mosquito FB.VI Flight Manual EN.pdf
  3. Looked where all the others are (DCS online), please point me in the right direction!
  4. I have, in perfect working order, the following for sale only as a package: CH Fighterstick USB with new 12 bit mainboard and X\Y Axis magnetoresistive sensors (roller throttle is not active) CH Pro Throttle USB with new 12 bit mainboard and magnetoresistive sensor CH Pro Pedals USB with new OEM brake potentiometers They will come with all the removed OEM sensors\mainboards and some spares, all in perfect working condition. The stick is Plug and Play (just assign DX presses and Axis in DCS Settings) but may be re-programmed or calibrated using MMJoy2 (ver. 20160818..). CH Control Manager will NOT work with these mainboards installed, but the sensors are fine with it so swapping the mainboards back will allow it's use if desired (I had myriad of issues with CM in Win10). €200 shipped anywhere within the EU..
  5. No idea, but turn off Takeoff Assistance...
  6. Where to start... First of all decide what YOU want the switches\hats\buttons to do. If that coincides with RL, that's fine, print out a TM HOTAS chart showing what everything does. Next step that does not involve messing with LUA files (that get changed next update), is to get the DX128 TARGET Script and run it. It only effects the throttle and gives you a DX# for every switch\hat\button position, nothing more. Now go into DCS and assign all your HOTAS functions and axis's for the A-10 (or any plane you want) and Save it. Done, until you decide you want to change something (you will)...
  7. Does nothing to the Joystick or Pedals, programs the THROTTLE only. Out of the box the Warthog Throttle has a maximum of 32 DX assignments so about 1/2 of the toggle switch positions do nothing. Using the DX128 TARGET script (actually called WarthogThrottleALLSwitchesPos.tmc) assigns a DX# to every switch position, ON and OFF (and Middle if 3-way), did you not notice that DCS did not see many of the throttle switch positions when setting up KB commands? Once (IF you want to) you run the script you will need to go back and reset (Throttle only) anything you set previously as the DX#'s will change (and the Throttle name column will show as "THRUSTMASTER COMBINED DX128"), but its well worth doing, trust me. Works in IL2 also, but not in BMS (can't see #'s beyond DX32, you simply Stop the script and use Alternative Launcher to assign Release functions)..
  8. The Warthog HOTAS is "plug and play" but as Lange_666 has stated, it can be improved upon. Hardware-wise you will likely not think highly of the micro-stick (nipple) on the throttle and want the Deltasims mod to replace it. The stick movement is an objective issue, if you come from an easy to move stick (like a CH Fighterstick in my case) it can be a bit of a workout to use. The main friction spring can easily be replaced with the Green Spring mod to lighten it up if you don't like the OEM feel. I did the Deltasims mod right off the bat and for me it's 100% better. I weighed the pros and cons of putting the Green Spring mod in (€42) and decided to put those €€ toward a new VirPil WarBrd base instead. It is head and shoulders above the stock TM base in feel and build quality, just look at the videos on greasing the TM that show its construction and then the VirPil. The TM stick just screws right on, and with a couple quick setting changes your system will see it as a standard TM Warthog stick. Having said that the Warthog is an excellent choice and certainly can be used as-is. If you don't want to mess with LUA files there is a basic TARGET script that gives the throttle a DX# assignment for every switch\hat\button so all you do is assign each position in DCS settings..
  9. This has nothing to do with your JStick but it is the TARGET Script I use (effects only the Throttle) to give all switch positions\Hats\buttons a DX# assignment which can then be assigned in the DCS World KB settings for each plane.. I think the two files are all you need to drop into your "Scripts" folder.. but if you try it and have an issue let me know and i'll zip up the whole folder. DX128 script.zip
  10. Keep in mind that (previous posts from Reddit) was a pic of an older version of VPC Config, I hope I can do it from memory as mine has the TM info displayed now.. (You already have the TM Grip on the WarBrd base so ---) Start VPC Configuration Tool In the grey window on top left (to the right of Green READY) select the Virpil Joystick, make note of it's VID\PID and name. Selecting it will kick you to the AXIS Window Click the PROFILE button In the Main window should be the "Profile Wizard" with 3 pull down windows 1st - [FLIGHT BASE] VPC WarBRD, 2nd - [FLIGHT GRIP] TM Warthog/FA-18 (there is no F16 choice, no matter), 3rd - leave blank Bottom Center is the "USB" Window. USB Name (to match exactly the OEM Windows name)= "Joystick - HOTAS Warthog", VID/PID = "044F" and "0402", Boot delay = "4 sec" Click "Reset Windows Name/Calibration". I have included a pic of my VPC screen. Now, I can't remember if, after shutting down VPC if a reboot was needed or not but up on top left (grey window next to green READY) you should see "VID:044F PID:0402 Joystick - HOTAS Warthog (VPC-JOY-xxxxxxxx) if all went well - Mine is "VPC-JOY-20210102" but no idea if that is my system only or not.. Windows Control Panel\Devices and Printers\Multimedia Devices should show your Thrustmaster gear (pic attached of this.) If you run into a roadblock let me know and i'll try to help you figure it out. If all is well you can use TARGET to program it (I use the DX128 profile on the throttle and set all functions up in DCS, no special stuff, no messing with lua files) and the TM Calibration tool to recalibrate if needed.. Windows and TM think its a standard Warthog base now.
  11. I have a brand new TM Warthog base, works perfectly, no stickiness, not notchy, but the VirPil is so much better... Just to clarify, when you change the name and VID\PID to match your former TM JStick base you are telling Windows (and the TM TARGET software) that you have a "Joystick - HOTAS Warthog", not a VirPil. At that point it is exactly the same as the former base as far as your system is concerned, you do not have to do anything else to use it just as it was before the swap. IF you want to give your Warthog THROTTLE the added capability of having every Switch (on-middle-off or on-off)\Hat\Push button position seen as a DX# press you can run the DX128 Script in TARGET then go program everything in the DCS Controls section for whatever plane you have (works perfectly for IL2 also, have to simply Stop the script for BMS). Hope that's clear?
  12. I picked up two of these on Amazon.es, €19 each. Very sturdy, ton of adjustment and work very well. You can use double sided tape to mount them as I did onto my MFDs. VESA mounts for when you actually get your MFDs (I have 2 8" Lilliputs), and my current "pit" (in BMS)..
  13. Can try Nyogel 767A, also seems to be a teflon tape mod for it...
  14. Not what I read but of no matter to me, i'm perfectly happy so far with my Zotac 3090...
  15. Have you set the Stick up in the VirPil VPC Config Tool to have the TM Stick's ID's (PID\VID)? Once done Windows and TARGET see it as a TM WARTHOG Stick, same as OEM. This also allows you to use TARGET scrips for it if you like, including the DX128 profile that assigns DX presses to ALL switch positions on your WARTHOG Throttle.. Its fairly easy, this is a little old but you wil lget the idea - Under Profile select the Throttle Base Thrustmaster Warthog Hornet (there is no F-16, ignore it) Set USB Name to "Joystick - HOTAS Warthog" Set VID/PID to 044F \0402 Clik "Reset Windows Name/Calibration" button Done
  16. Does the "Q" (Wing Jettison) key work?
  17. Why would you prefer using the TM OEM base when the VirPil (I have the same) is 10x better in build quality and feel (feel is subjective of course)? I don't care what you do to the OEM base, IMO it will never match the Virpil.
  18. Here is the result in spreadsheet form should anyone else want\need it.. Conbined Arms KB Bindings.xlsx
  19. Thanks MAXsenna, I will do that and create a spreadsheet from there. Just trying to avoid reinventing the wheel..
  20. I have had CA since it came out, played a bit years ago but lost interest but it seems to have progressed some an has better integration into DCS World now, yes? I am going to watch any tutorials I can find but having a list of commands would help a lot. I can go into Settings and do some PrintScreen work but would rather not, someone must have made a nice spreadsheet or list by now..
  21. Antix, don't want to hijack LooseCannons thread but for general knowledge the TARGET program for 128 DX buttons (for the WartHog Throttle) is here. One other thing I would try is plugging the throttle directly into a motherboard port and be sure to un-tik the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in Device Manager\Universal Serial Bus Controllers\USB Properties\Power Management (for all USB hubs\controllers).
  22. Curious, what Firmware version is in your HOTAS? Mine is 23, and I have no issues with TARGET GUI to adjust the LED level or with Running/Stopping the "WarthogThrottleALLSwitchPoc.tmc" file that makes every switch\button\hat position on my Throttle seen by DCS without messing with LUA files.. another issue may be your USB Hub, or are you plugged directly into the motherboard ports?
  23. If you have the Virpil WarBrd Base it's quite simple to have Win10 recognize it as a TM HOTAS WARTHOG Joystick and even TARGET will not know the difference. You use the VirPil Config Tool to load the stick, change the Virpil PID\VID's to be what the TM stick was, rename it, save and done - TM Stick is VID - 0x044F, PID - 0x0402. I have that setup and use the TARGET software to run a DX128 script which then assigns a DX# to every switch\hat\button on the |Warthog Throttle. Then simply assign the key bindings in the sim.
  24. Even (MUCH) better, I believe it will go on a Virpil WarBrd base.. but you would need to check into it.
  25. Everything I read (Benchmarks) shower the 6900XT was on par with the RTX 3080ti and about 10% slower than the RTX 3090, but the main reason I went with the Nvidia was compatibility with all the sims\games I have. In IL2 some people get a lot of strange graphic anomalies with the AMD cards they don't get with the RTX cards. This may be due to their settings, overclocking, or something else they are doing incorrectly but I like to keep things simple..
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