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  1. The DCS in cockpit lever does not seem to follow a linear path when you apply it to an arc. I initially tried to use math, but it didn't work so I had to actually mark each position and drill. If you look closely, you can see those holes are not evenly spaced, yet in game they line up just about perfect. The recent update that gave the STO axis "detents" screwed it up a bit, but it's still close enough. Nah, it's INOP
  2. I've heard good things about the Reverb G2, but I never tried one. I had a G1, and prefer the 8kx as the FOV is much larger with about the same resolution. Where we at on settings these days? I tried that whole SSS at 500% and PD .5 or whatever, seems fine but I was reading that it's a myth? i9 9900, RTX3090, 32 GB
  3. Ebay. Every shape and color can be found there.
  4. Harry I'm not sure if you can sponsor 2 people, but I'm also seeking access if you wouldn't mind. I currently have a 5 dof that I scratch built, using SCN6 actuators and Frex power. I'm upgrading to an SFX100 setup, using 110ST motors that I will adapt to fit the 90ST mounts. I'm also using an 80ST to drive traction loss/yaw. Adding the Gseat and Gbelt tensioner added 100 lbs to my rig, and I've now overloaded my SCN6's. I have all the SFX parts on order now.
  5. This is the GS5 G seat. https://www.simxperience.com/products/motionsimulatorkits/gs-5g-seat.aspx I'd be interested to know how you setup the forces in simtools? What plugin are you using?
  6. Simtools can control the SFX100 actuators with the Thanos motion controller: https://www.tindie.com/products/tronicgr/amc-aasd15a-servo-motion-controller/ I currently have a 5sof platform that I designed and build using SCN60 actuators. I recently added a G5 G seat, and the rig is now too heavy for the SCN60s to move, so I'm about to start the SFX100 build, using the larger 110ST motors. I'll start a thread when I get rolling and link it from here. For your Gseat, how is the DCS integration?
  7. The price would be off the scale. For my time it would be somewhere around $1500, that's why I never bothered to try and sell them. Thrustmaster is now producing a set of airbus levers. These are made to work with their airbus throttle quadrant, but with a Bodnar board and some light fabrication, you could easily make these into Harrier Nozzle levers.
  8. 8kx normal FOV, i9-9900 KS oc to 5.0, 3090, 32g Steam: DCS application set at 115%, smart smoothing off DCS: trees and clutter at 50%, MSAA 2x, visibility high, textures max, water med, PD 1.0, MSAA mask size .20 Pitool: 1.0, smart smoothing off Getting 40-50 FPS using FPSvr on multiplayer syria or around Al Dhafra on PG GPU and CPU frame times 15-25
  9. What are you doing with Steam VR settings?
  10. FPS VR for CPU/GPU times. I'll give the Pimax upscaling a try, I never messed with it.
  11. Just got my 8kx and set it up last night. System Gigabyte RTX 3090 I9 9900 KS 5.0 32g RAM PiTool 1.0, Steam 100% Pixel Density 1.4, FOV normal My usual test is to takeoff at AlDahfra and fly out over the city to the NW (I don't pay much attention to frame rates, I worry more about how it feels.) The SDE is mostly gone, but still there is you look for it. I'd put the clarity up there with the HP Reverb I have (last year's version), with a much greater FOV. I also have a 5K, and I'll say it's a big improvement both in FOV, SDE, and clarity. I still have lots of tweaking to do but my
  12. I'm in for updates for DCS support on the GS-5G Seat, as I'm considering one. I'd also add the belt tensioner. Any word on this?
  13. I contacted simexperience, turns out they do not support DCS and have no plans to. Maybe if enough people asked them?
  14. Any updates? Were you able to get this working in DCS? I'm considering one.
  15. Anyone ever try one of these with DCS? Wondering how well they work. https://www.simxperience.com/en-us/products/motionsimulatorkits/gs-5g-seat.aspx https://www.simxperience.com/products/accessories/g-beltactivebelttensioners/g-belt.aspx
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