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  1. no it wasn't it was a standard squadron jet as the RAF only had a small number of them and couldnt afford a dedicated airframe for it, never mind modified!
  2. suffering this on our server Whenever someone gets in the Harrier everything starts to Desync - people despawn from the Harrier and everything quite literally warps back to normal. Someone gets in the Harrier and you've got aircraft flying at 90 degrees to direction of travel or in vertical climbs upside down and all kinds of weirdness. Clean install - no mods - only two harriers in the mission, no scripts or anything and it happens every time Specs of Server - Dual Xeon, 32gb Ram, 1060 GFX card - PCIE SSD.
  3. Its too slow at low speed Watch this video and look at the roll rate even at low speed.
  4. It is reasonably marginal. anything under 21'000lbs is hoverable. But bear in mind the empty air frame is what 14'500? Plus 500 for water and say I dunno a couple of thousand for gunpod + ammo + sidewinders and all of a sudden 3000lbs of fuel and you are at max weight for hover. Which would be full water and giving it everything. Its pretty much as it should be.
  5. If I host its ok it spawns, but the other players on the server suffer the same loss of frames, then the people who connect to my server can't spawn Viggen without timing out. If one of the others hosts then its the same the other way around.
  6. I get this too when selecting the Viggen in MP - it just hangs for about 2 mins then I time out of the server.
  7. I've been doing alot of time in the Harrier and when I have obeyed the general handling of the engine I have not had this problem in 2.2 or 1.5.8 I'd surmise you have damaged the engine during the flight and are now JPT limited, easy way to check is when you are limited to 97-98 throttle check the JPT - if it is high flick the JPT limit switch and now see if you have full poke
  8. It’s not how it’s meant to work it’s a quirk on the warthog stick I can’t remember what the command is for it now but it is the one right win+t is normally bound too, whichever throttle lever you have bound to throttle bound the stop button for that throttle to the same command and it fixes it
  9. Bind button 29 to the engine idle/cut off Happened to me as well when I first started flying Harrier, I think its button 29 I used (the button for lifting the right hand throttle lever into its stop past idle)
  10. Wow - Nice sneak update! Look forward to trying it
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