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  1. In DCS / Options / Controls / your favourite aircraft, on the botton left there is Modifier/Switch. You can add a Modifier on the left side, and set it to a joystick button (pinkie paddle on the joystick for me); so it acts as a "shift", when it is hold pressed, all other bottons do other commands than the normal without it. Instead if you want make more profiles, like one for A/A, one for A/G, one for NAV, you need add one or more switch on the right side. They acts as CapsLock, when it is activated, it changes all the assigned commands ar the buttons. I use CapsLock and BlockScorr becau
  2. I write you a message Inviato dal mio SM-A530F utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Dalla lista HTML dei comandi del profilo alla rappresentazione grafica! Nuova versione, ora estrae anche dalla Keyboard. Il programma estrae i comandi DCS impostati sui profili di Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick e Throttle, rappresentandoli in grafica pronti per essere stampati. Estrae anche da tastiera o dai file *.diff.lua Richiede Microsoft Excel. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308381/
  4. From HTML list of profile commands to graphics! NEW VERSION: now it extracts also from Keyboard From HTML list of profile commands to graphics! From Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog or Keyboard. It requires Microsoft Excel. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308381/
  5. Only for Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog. It requires Microsoft Excel. The program extracts the DCS commands set on profiles of the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick and Throttle, representing them in pictures. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3308381/
  6. Ho condiviso su DSC file utenti un mio programmino per estrarre i comandi assegnati al Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog ottenendoli in formato grafico. Occorre avere Excel. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3308381/
  7. Now I have solved with: Each pilot's description.lua file contains: livery = { {"f18c1", 0 ,"F18C_1_DIFF_nickname#1",false}; {"f18c1", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C_1_DIF_RoughMet",true}; {"f18c2", 0 ,"../PVI MARINA dark/F18C_1_DIFF_PROTO2",false}; {"f18c2", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C_2_DIF_RoughMet",true}; {"f18c_glass", 0, "f18c_glass", true}; {"f18c_glass", 2, "f18c_glass_roughmet", true}; {"f18c_glass", 5, "f18c_glass_damage", true}; ... {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_NOSE_L_100", 0 ,"F18C_1_DIFF_nickname#1",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_NOSE_L_100", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C_1_DIF_RoughMet",true}; {"F
  8. Hi joey45, I don't quite understand how to use the TRUE parameter. I have a skin "PVI MARINA dark", where for each pilot I would like to differentiate the helmet and nickname. In the main skin there are all the dds files: AGS_WF_bort_number_LEFT.dds AGS_WF_bort_number_RIGHT.dds AGS_WF_bort_number_wing.dds empty.dds F18C_1_DIFF_PROTO.dds F18C_1_DIFF_PROTO2.dds F18C_glass.dds F18C_glass_color.dds FPU_8A_AGS_WF.dds pilot_F18_marina.dds pilot_F18_patch_marina.dds PVI_Hornet_Helmet.dds description.lua While in the individual skins I would like to have only the files: -Skin f
  9. Translation guides in italian Hi Charly, many thanks for your wonderful guides. I would like to translate the Hornet into Italian and I would like to ask you for permission. I read another similar request on the forum, but without an answer. Thanks again Hello Carlo
  10. OSB text with black background boxes in the AMPCD ? Hi, there is a way to get OSB text with black background boxes in the AMPCD, like in A10 ? They are uglier but more readable when overlaid on the map! Or can they be set in other colors? thank you
  11. I do not know. I believe they are not exports from the F18 but from A10 !
  12. I'm sorry but I do not have the solution. :( I did not understand how these things are really managed. I suggest you do tests by editing width, height and also aspect RIGHT_MFCD = { x = 5178; y = 114; width = 640; height = 660; aspect = 1280/1204; }
  13. Hello, check in your setup.lua file for changing the field "name =" so that it is not the same as in another file. in the DCs config menu you see the contents of the field "name=" . If it is the same in two different configuration files, you will see it twice.
  14. @klem I think the only way to black out the background, is to exclude the MDI from the viewport of the game. But the MDI must be included within the overall resolution of DCS. I do not think it's possible to export the buttons too. Could you send me your screen configuration file, your global resolution set in DCS, and an image of your four screens while DCS is running?
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