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  1. I noticed a plane at my 6 o'clock a couple of miles behind at my altitude was not showing up on my RWR? His radar was active. Is there some reason for this? Thank you.
  2. Thanks for this updated app! I see the ScratchpadWindow.dlg file allows for text color changing as well as many other changes...thanks again.
  3. Does this app copy/paste DCS screen info such as ATC inbound or F10 co-ords? This would be where kneeboard lacks. I read this app has a virtual keyboard for vr users, where is it?
  4. Object density per square mile in the Syria map in Haifa and Beirut is higher than other maps. As a result I turn down my settings proportionately and have no stuttering even at roof top fly-by over Haifa and Beirut...running an Nvidia 1080, 32ram, i7-7700K, nearly a 4 year old system. The Syria map is my favorite, a really interesting theatre of operation and when it gets fully populated will be even better. I put performance over quality and run smooth throughout the map. I wonder if others are aware at how effective the autoexec.cfg file is with this entry: no_device_hotplug = true
  5. Paying more attention to baro pressure, it occurred to me that QNH in DCS is always stated as 29.92 in all the game missions with the exception when I 'create fast mission' with stormy weather.
  6. Is there a way of extending the time ATC messages stay on the screen, I seem to need more time than what is by default? Thank you.
  7. I tried 512 and 1024...did nothing for helping to see more clearly the airfields.
  8. p.109 1. Verify the Parking Brake is set. Releasing the parking brake before alignment is complete may result in an invalid alignment. The alignment will need to be reinitialized.
  9. Thanks for that info I get the math. Is 1 inHg per each 1000 ft of airport elevation always a constant regardless of weather/baro pressure?
  10. In that case the mistake should be corrected. When calling inbound pilots are always given QFE by the tower, if it's below 28.10 what procedure is used for calculating?
  11. Thanks for all your comments, to clarify... At Nellis, airdrome data F10 indicates elevation=1841m which = 6040ft? In briefing weather info QNH=760 is this mmHg?/29.92 indicates In briefing take off and departure, QFE=711.53 mmHg/28.01 inHg In cockpit I see the standby altimeter is mission set to 29.92Hg indicating 2000ft, I'm assuming this is QNH so where does the elevation 6040ft in F10 fit in? Is there a reason why the standby altimeter only records the 1000 wheel indicator movement, the other counter wheels do not?
  12. Thanks, I see what the problem is, I have zoom set above 100% which hides this option.
  13. The barometric pressure setting seems to be limited to a low of 28.10 what do you do when in NTTR and Syria the barometric pressure given by the tower is 27.XX? Also how do you narrow a search to a specific forum like F/A-18, I'm getting results from all forums? Thank you.
  14. That's my point...my settings have not changed but recently the airfields have, thanks for the follow-up.... I'll live with it.
  15. At 40 scale they were bigger and clearer. At 20 scale they were even bigger and more clear. Now they are a smudge.
  16. Thanks for the heads-up...I'm using the 'Users' folder in the mean time.
  17. I've observed in both 512 and 1024 without seeing noticeable change. Using VR I was always able to see the airfields quite easily in all scales up to 40 but it seems the icons are smaller than they used to be.
  18. I used to be able to easily see the airfields on the AMPCD (Advanced Multi-Purpose Color Display) especially in 40 scale but now they don't seem to be present. The airfield insignia is a blue circle with a white line though it indicating the direction of the airfield. Anyone else having this issue? Thank you.
  19. The Syria kneeboard is not loading into the F/A-18...is this a plane/map issue or am I doing something wrong? Thank you.
  20. I've seen mods with the kb removed but it leaves a placeholder in its place.
  21. I fly in VR, in the past I've used the night vision capability option but I thought it was a cheat...good to know.
  22. I'll try the Day/Night switch at the bottom of the UFC but I definitely dim the HUD brightness down and make sure I'm in night cockpit [green] lighting mode but I still find it a challenge picking up ground objects, especially looking through the upper half of the HUD where you have the double layer lens...I sometimes find myself looking around the HUD to see better. Thanks for the info.
  23. I seem to be having trouble seeing through the HUD at night time. The HUD is too dark. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a setting that helps lighten the HUD or am I doing something wrong? Thank you.
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