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  1. Try reducing the brightness slowly till it sharpens.
  2. Ditto on the IPD doing nothing, I played with it slowly going through the entire range and...nothing. Ditto on the physical ability to move the lens, actually each lens should be able to be moved independent of the other. Keeping the HMD tight around your head will help but it just takes the smallest movement to throw it off and have the 1 eye blurriness...I think your head may get sore after awhile from the tightness.
  3. It was tight no movement at all. But it wasn't just the alignment of the lens to my pupils having to hold it...my CV1 is very clear I have no problems seeing writing on the DDI, menus etc...I expected much more from the 'S' and I felt I got a little more. Also my peripheral clarity on the CV1 is better than the 'S' so I don't have to keep moving my head to keep the sweetspot where I'm looking.
  4. Thanks some1. I've tried all different IPD to see if there would be a difference, didn't see any. When I hold with my hand the HDM in the sweet spot for both eyes with no blurriness I see at best a 20% improvement compared to the CV1...but I can't keep holding it and moving it back in place. I wish I could say the positive things being said here about the 'S' but I can't. There is some improvement in cockpit reading but very little outside the cockpit, so for me it's just not enough to warrant keeping it.
  5. It's more than annoying, it's totally affecting my clarity. I know the peripheral has less clarity by design but because the sweet spot is fairly small if your eyes don't line up it's a deal breaker unfortunately. I has to be a one off issue with the unit otherwise there would be more like me complaining.
  6. I had no issue with my CV1. If I knew that I wouldn't have this issue again I would trade it in for another, the Microsoft store is 5 minutes away. Is there a physical eye adjustment? Is IPD adjustment supposed to help this? What's the difference between the DCS and the Oculus IPD adjustment?
  7. Yes it's a lot of fun! The issue I had wasn't 20 miles away it was circling around over the airfield.
  8. Left eye clear...right eye blurry like I have grease on it. If I move the Rift over to the right a bit then the right eye is clear but the Rift won't naturally stay in that position.
  9. Do the CV1 drivers and software have to be uninstalled before installing Rift S?
  10. Jar good video, any impressions on sweet spot and peripheral vision differences?
  11. The keyboard inputs being picked up as actual key strokes I understand but my X52 Pro throttle mouse moves my PC mouse and it's set up as bands.
  12. Is this an overclocking tool or does it just tweak to increase FPS with no system changes?
  13. The name of the MP server is Acrobatics...Caucasus. Fly over Batumi.
  14. Thanks to the both of you for the info. I'm flying with no 'easy comms' and have all the correct freqs. and as we are all aware, correct freqs. or not, blue/red or not, when you're right over an airfield and all you see listed are ships...it's a bit strange.
  15. Yes, sorry forgot to mention I'm using key mapping software STT for Saitek. Thanks.
  16. Is it normal for the joystick controller to still have computer input authority when not being used in game? Clicking on it's buttons and moving its mini stick will open programs, type in fields, mouse movement etc... Thank you.
  17. How do I radio a runway to get them to turn the lights on when I'm flying over it and all I see in comms menu are ships? I should add, what causes this to happen? Thank you.
  18. How to have no filters in order to see all emitters?
  19. Runs great very smooth single player, multi-player getting booted/black screen etc.
  20. In special tab, HMD render eye option, [both or left or right] what does it do? Thank you.
  21. I'm still using it, works fine. You can lower the unpleasantness by deleting the file(s) in user\your name\appdata\local\oculus\spud
  22. Don't know what the medical issue is but do know you have a huge community wishing you well...get better soon!
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