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  1. Thank you for that finishing information...you and Tholozor helped a lot!
  2. I see the ring was never designed for the EW but the separation is enough to know what's where...many thanks! BTW...it always seemed counter logic to me to have the critical furthest from the centre. Does the selector knob for (N, I, A, U or F) filter out all other types to allow viewing of what you select, ie. F would only allow you to see friendlies and does it only work for the azimuth indicator or the EW as well?
  3. Are you saying the names of the outer and inner bands need to be reversed, critical becomes non-lethal & non-lethal becomes critical? Are you also saying the lethal threat band that is occupied by both the 'S' & '2' symbols in the EW is actually 2 separate threat bands in 1...it's just missing a ring separator?
  4. I see the standby azimuth indicator has the the 'S' in the critical threat band but in the DDI it has it in the lethal threat band? Also I don't see a critical threat band on the DDI?
  5. Can you please explain the difference between the RWR on the DDI as it relates to the radar warning receiver and the azimuth indicator as it too relates to the radar warning receiver. Also I noticed the threat rings on the 2 have different priorities?
  6. I'm suggesting turning down the graphic options in DCS and see if that helps. Busy servers can eat up 32gigs of ram quickly. Windows 10 virtual memory is used by not only ram if you don't have enough, but also by your graphic card if you don't have enough resources there. It's not ideal but it may help with the CTD. If none of this helps then your issue may be unrelated to what I have mentioned
  7. Couldn't understand why all of a sudden it stopped working. Just found the issue...a color mod. As always thanks for your help!
  8. I found out the plane did not have the radar at my altitude. How do you turn on the RWR [azimuth indicator], can't get the lights to show.
  9. I've found CTD is often caused by DCS graphic option settings set too high causing you to run out of memory. In fact I've had to enable swap file for some multi-player missions along with lower option settings I stopped having issues.
  10. I am wondering why more solo pilots in multi-player aren't using the relatively new onboard comms to speak with each other? It's easy to use and very convenient. I understand it may be akward for some squadrons that like to use multi-room setups...I might add multi-rooms can be configured in DCS comms. Thank you.
  11. You should be happy you can't remember that far back...unless old age not youth was the issue
  12. Was Lock On the predecessor of DCS or affiliated in any way? I ask because I clearly remember the ATC back in those early years being very helpful, accurate in it's Inbound and Request Azimuth, it would tell you where the runway would be once you arrived where it told you to go ...even alerting you where to look for air traffic in your area!
  13. Will the direction they give me take me to a final approach approx. 10 miles out?
  14. To stream DCS to another computer they would have to be using Steam as well, correct, can't do it via pc to pc connection?
  15. You can't use my custom key strokes choose ones that aren't already used. Note the values of the quantize very important.
  16. Here you go...shift-B is forward to raise sb control-B is back to lower sb With this command the sb will retract when flaps are lowered...as it should but does not retract with the mod unfortunately. This macro allows just enough time for the command to stay active just long enough for the sb to move through its motion.
  17. WOW! [I don't mean weight on wheels] Thank you for that explanation I never would have thought along those lines. I'm sure many people innocently run afoul of these rules, both international and here...thanks again!
  18. Just curious...what is it about certain tech information which is already widely available on the internet that is considered inappropriate for posting?
  19. Thanks for that...do they both vector you to the same position for a lined up, final approach? Also, given the runway# when calling inbound should give the pilot a 'where to look for the runway' once you 'fly bearing and distance' as instructed by ATC...correct?
  20. When flying in the F/A-18 and calling into ATC for either 'Inbound or Request Azimuth', can someone please explain the difference between the 2. Doesn't seem to work as well as it once did vectoring you to a lined up, final approach. Thank you.
  21. Yes I agree with you it works fine...usually. However on the occasion I mentioned it did not...I was wondering if under certain conditions it wouldn't when turned on.
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