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  1. You are able to determine your max standoff range using the AMPCD to help determine if you are too close by the Predictive Max Range. As mentioned you need to climb max altitude and try a high speed approach for launch, launch range up to 15 nm at low altitude and 60 nm at high altitude.
  2. You can use a hose clamp but I preferred to use a zip tie works very well. Attach all 4 springs first to stick then stretch 1 by 1 to the corner screws...when centered spring should only need minimum pull to corner. I got 4 screws, nuts and washers and 3" springs from Home depot. Remember to re-calibrate the stick after finishing setup To get the best out of it you must remove the existing centre spring this will also allow an absolutely smooth transition out of centre allowing for minimum 1 or 2 dead band...absolutely no stiction! Have you seen the set-up here is mine.
  3. I would say yes provided you do the 4 spring mod...very easy to do! It's posted in the X-56 forum.
  4. Why are you looking to drill into the locking collar?
  5. Glad it all worked out...next try the spring mod you won't be thinking Virpil again!
  6. Glad it all worked out! When you say computer reset do you mean an operating system re-installation? BTW, did you have Windows apps and pop out menus twitching as well?
  7. Interesting post... I have the X-56 'grey' plugged into a non-powered 4 input hub shared with my VR hmd, and 3 controllers including the X-56 which in turn is plugged into a powered USB port [1ml/amp]. I'm assuming ghosting refers to buttons getting spontaneously activated without pressing them. I thought I had ghosting but I believe it was mapping conflicts causing the issue, once I cleaned that up no issues. I have also turned off all effect lighting as I fly VR. I did open the stick to lubricate the twist mechanism and was impressed with the detail of the wiring...no pinch points and very flexible. The only other mod I've done is the removal of the stick tension spring mechanism, replacing it with the 4 corner external spring setup mod [seen on this forum]. This mod removed my frustration with the stick's center slop making ease of mid-air refuelling an absolute pleasure. If there was a wire harness pinch issue it would be occurring with the same buttons and I wouldn't call this electronic ghosting...I'd call it a short in the wire harness.
  8. As an example using Rift, if you're not able to maintain 90fps, ASW when enabled will reduce your fps to 45 while still giving you a smooth experience by interpolation. Are you already getting the max fps from your VR HMD with your 6900XT? Also there are several ASW options...RCTR + 1, 2, 3, or [4 which is auto]
  9. Running ASW, I thought was determined by your VR device. Curious, if your running DCS with FPS really smooth and amazing with your 6900XT why would you want to use ASW?
  10. With the flir open, when I lock up my gmt or sea radar on a moving target the flir will auto slave to the target. However while the radar stays with the moving target the flir does not. The flir stays ground stabilized locked in 1 place while the target moves out of view. Is this normal?
  11. Have you tried turning all lighting affect off on both controllers?
  12. Hey Tholozor, I've been trying to find info on the Antenna Elevation Caret for GMT/SEA radar. In air to air the TDC gives the vertical space it's searching represented with the elevation altitude numbers but all I see for Antenna Elevation Caret for GMT/SEA radar are notches on the left side of the radar screen. Are there any other indicators that I'm missing and what exactly are those notches representing? Thanks. edit: I found this online... Antenna Elevation - The caret indication shows the elevation of the radar antenna relative to the horizon, controlled with the Antenna Elevation Wheel on the throttle. The antenna can be moved 60° up or down; the tick marks along the scale each indicate 10°. The horizontal line indicates the optimal elevation given the current range scale and aircraft altitude. The antenna elevation is initialized at this optimal line when the A/G Attack format is entered. The only issue I have is there are only 3 notches above and below the horizon line...perhaps each notch represents 20 degrees not 10. Would you have any more information?
  13. I'm using a 1080, 32ram, i7-7700k, have graphic settings low in Syria with no stutter. However I would like to be able to turn up the graphics so looking at a new rig with a 3090 card [i9.10900kf, 64ram]. Is there a big performance difference between the 3080 and the 3090 [understand the memory difference].
  14. Are you asking for a video of the entire auto start sequence followed by me opening the FCS page?
  15. I noticed the FCS bit test is not performed when I do an auto-start, I see PBIT instead of GO. I need to do it manually when the auto-start is finished. Does the FCS bit test do a movement test of the moving flight surfaces? Thank you.
  16. Thanks for the info...I'll run it through and see how it works. Yes I am the 1...those were the days, how many years back was that...btw you have a good memory! I think I remember your call sign, were you in Aussie or Kiwi land? Cheers!
  17. I got it to work but seems a bit buggy. After locking sea tgt I need to go into FLIR and fine tune lock again but the ship just sails past the lock point? I can fine tune the lock within sea radar by going to exp2 and moving the x hairs over the ship but it too sails past?
  18. 1 or 2 days after reading a reply to my post I will receive a new reply notification for that already read post.
  19. Can't get the FLIR to auto lock to gmt/sea targets. Thank you.
  20. I understand for those structured squadrons who like to have multi-rooms for communication they would prefer SRS and Discord etc., also they support passwords for exclusivity. But for many who like myself fly solo this is a great option because it's 100% open and so well integrated.
  21. Thanks for the confirmation...too bad more pilots don't use it as it's very convenient, also a great way to meet others in multi-player.
  22. I didn't install this comm app so where did it come from, is it part of DCS world? Thank you.
  23. I also use Oculus Rift CV1 and am waiting for a new system before I get the G2. Have you made any changes in the Oculus Tray Tool or OculusDebugTool in Oculus folder? You can keep the white light on in CV1 using 'bypass proximity sensor check' in ODT so possibly it's related. You might also want to look at fixer.exe in the Oculus folder.
  24. Have you enabled 'run as administrator' for all shortcuts and the .exe?
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