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  1. Radar on right DDI, FLIR on left. Thanks for your input, I've got it figured out now. I have noticed however that when you try to move the FLIR once it's slaved to A/G radar sea tgt it jumps back to the original point. I suppose it's necessary to do a radar unlock and then slew the FLIR manually, hopefully it will stay on tgt for quick and easy re-acquisition.
  2. Thanks for that... I find AG radar designation of a tgt needs to have the SCS moved to the right, won't work just pressing TDC/depress .
  3. AH, right you are...as usual Just did some testing in A/A, what I wasn't doing consistently was making sure to be in A/A mode, I thought I could be in NAV as well but of course the RRSLV would not be available without being in A/A so that resolved the problem of slaving the FLIR to an A/A aircraft tgt. SEA [and I assume GMT] don't have RRSLV to slave FLIR to surface radar tgt. It seems I need to use instead of pressing designate tgt like I can do with A/A in this scenario, I need to move the sensor switch to the right. Anything you'd like to add would be appreciated...thanks.
  4. I can't reproduce slaving a gmt or an air target to FLIR on a constant basis. I do the same thing but sometimes it works and sometimes not? Can someone please clarify the exact procedure for slaving gmt or air target to FLIR. Thank you.
  5. Feed the end of spring loops first onto the zip tie then loosely secure the zip tie around the knurled plastic locking collar so that the springs can be moved enough to allow for proper equal distancing. The flange just underneath the locking collar will keep the zip tie from slipping off. Then you place the springs 1 by 1 onto your corner bolts and tighten, then do a final balance of the spring loops, then pull tight on the zip tie...finally do a stick calibration. Remember to first remove the stock centre spring the unit comes with. Also I was lucky on the first purchase to find t
  6. I use a strong zip tie around the fastening plastic collar, some use a radiator clamp...zoom in on my pic. Make certain the springs are set equal distance to get good balance and also make certain the metal spring loop at the spring end where the zip tie goes through should all be facing in either /\ or out \/ so you have balance...remember to get rid of the stock centre spring and calibrate the stick after your finished.
  7. On a side note, when using DCS axis setting, I notice the throttle increases thrust going from top right corner down to bottom left corner shouldn't it be the opposite? I also checked the Logitech X56 software setting and it is the same there as well. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Delete fxo and try updating video card drivers, try enabling hardware accelerated GPU or if enabled, try disabling, enable Game Mode.
  9. It seems to me many more pilots prefer flying solo in single or campaign missions than in multi-player. I see hundreds of empty servers and relatively few servers actually populated. I wonder what can be done to help encourage more to fly MP without needing to commit to organized squadrons...nothing like flying with humans to teach and learn Personally I think there needs to be more attention to having 1 and only 1 comms program. The current DCS comms is a good start but needs to be expanded. I think many are intimidated by the lack of ease to integrate with others.
  10. Sounds like an exciting SEAD mission
  11. You are able to determine your max standoff range using the AMPCD to help determine if you are too close by the Predictive Max Range. As mentioned you need to climb max altitude and try a high speed approach for launch, launch range up to 15 nm at low altitude and 60 nm at high altitude.
  12. You can use a hose clamp but I preferred to use a zip tie works very well. Attach all 4 springs first to stick then stretch 1 by 1 to the corner screws...when centered spring should only need minimum pull to corner. I got 4 screws, nuts and washers and 3" springs from Home depot. Remember to re-calibrate the stick after finishing setup To get the best out of it you must remove the existing centre spring this will also allow an absolutely smooth transition out of centre allowing for minimum 1 or 2 dead band...absolutely no stiction! Have you seen the set-up here is mine.
  13. I would say yes provided you do the 4 spring mod...very easy to do! It's posted in the X-56 forum.
  14. Why are you looking to drill into the locking collar?
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