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  1. Please note below from NATOPS Brightness Selector Knob. Placing this rotary knob to OFF prevents the indicator from operating. Placing the knob to NIGHT provides a lower brightness control range (with three settings) and no automatic contrast control. The knob in the AUTO position allows automatic brightness control circuits to compensate display brightness for changes in ambient lighting. Turning the knob to DAY provides a higher brightness control range with no automatic contrast control. Brightness Control. This knob varies the intensity of th
  2. What's being said here seems strange. The AMPCD brightness can only work when the AMPCD map is turned off. After making the brightness changes with the map off, when enabling the map again the brightness appears not to have changed. And this is by design because the map brightness will only react to ambient light not to the brightness knob? This seems counter intuitive since the AMPCD is map specific and ambient lighting is constantly changing which means sometimes I can make out the map and sometimes not.
  3. Yes I had noticed that a little while ago...it helps but would still like the brightness fix.
  4. The AMPCD (Advanced Multi-Purpose Color Display) for the last many updates [more than a year] has had a non-functioning brightness knob. I realize there is a functioning contrast and gain control but it does not replace a functioning brightness control. It used to work prior to being broken over a year ago, why has this been missed for so long? Is a fix planned? Thank you.
  5. I can't comment on the mouse wheel as I don't have the issue but if you use 4 different shift keys mapped to your mini stick which I find useless otherwise you'll be able to use 5 different uses for that wheel.
  6. I see. Would you know if there is a way to use ram as a virtual file-paging for the graphics card like using an ssd for virtual ram file-paging...I realize the latency issue but was just wondering?
  7. I use the scroll knob mapped to scroll up scroll down to accomplish 1 line scoll.
  8. Windows 10 settings I'd like to add, Nvidia updates may be part of this mix.
  9. There have been too many updates between DCS and Windows10 going back over the last 6-8 weeks to be able to pinpoint which update actually caused it. I know I went through at least 1 or 2 Windows and at least 2 or 3 from DCS.
  10. Never used the flashlight, I'll try it out. I was referring to the cockpit night/day light. CV1 here as well:thumbup:
  11. Interesting after a recent update I began to experience an issue that I traced back to GPU accelerator, turned it off and the issue disappeared.
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