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  1. Could it be full VR stick and throttle control for all models?...
  2. Any work in progress pics for us to look at ? Thanks
  3. Hi Timghetta, Thanks for the prompt reply, I thought the nozzle lever would be a problem but had to ask... Looking forward to VR control one day Thanks again.
  4. Hi Vibora, Thanks for the prompt reply, looking forward to having full VR control one day. Keep up the good work
  5. Hi, Would it be possible to enable the Stick and throttle to be useable with Oculus Touch Controllers please? All other switches and knobs work fine in VR. I only use VR for flight control so would be very handy. Thanks
  6. Hi, I notice that the VR control of the control column is not working, i.e. unable to grab it with oculus touch controllers. Throttle and all other switches work fine in VR. Thanks in anticipation of a fix.
  7. Hi Would it be possible to make the Stick, Throttle and Nozzle Position Levers useable in VR+ Oculus Touch Controllers please? I only use VR for flight control so would be very handy... Thanks
  8. Hi Vibora, Did you look at the stick and throttle movement by Oculus Touch controllers that I asked about?. Just curious.. Thanks.
  9. Hi Gizmokev, For full VR control try reading through the info on the link. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=270404&page=3 enjoy
  10. If you have managed to load the above programs as suggested by THE__PWN3R here are a couple of scripts to make the transition to total VR control. These scripts were provided by THE__PWN3R, I have tweaked them for my use. Thanks P3. These scripts are useful for all aircraft if using VR only as some require the full stick/throttle/rudder or just rudder, depending on what the module maker has provided. auto_oculus_touch script For full stick, throttle and rudder control, it provides pitch and roll to the right Touch controller (ergonomic style), rudder and throttle to the left Touch con
  11. Hi, Thanks to help from THE PWN3R in above posts I have managed to get my head round the Touchbinder plugin. My aim is to have basic flying controls using just VR. A lot of aircraft have stick and throttle working in VR but rudder control is lacking. Using the Touchbinder program I have managed to find a solution that provides rudder and wheel brakes for differential braking/steering. Left and right rudder input is via the left and right Oculus Touch index finger trigger switches and braking by pressing the left hand Touch stick down. A very simple solution and after a bit of practice be
  12. Even real ones are never finished.... While I'm here: Some classic British jets that DCS needs to keep us Brits interested. BAC Lightning F3, F6 & T5. Variable speed .. constant noise. BAC Jet Provost T5A Constant speed .. constant noise. BAC Canberra B2 The smell when you open the hatch to get in... Here's hoping.
  13. Hi, It seems to be module /maker specific: All the DCS modules I have work ok with stick and throttle, the F16 has recently been fixed with throttle movement. The two third party makers I have modules from e.g. Razbam and Aviojet don't have stick and throttle movement with Touch controllers. Stay safe.
  14. “A man is nothing without dreams. A man is called idiot while he dreams. Whatever he does, he'll be judged and thrown away from the circle of clowns. And yet he needs acceptance and security from sick society, which is discriminatory far too often. But a man is blinded by other people opinions. He wants to fly and they say, “You moron, you can't do that, it's forbidden, it's stupid.” And a man gives up on his dreams.” ― Asper Blurry, Train to the Edge of the Moon
  15. The Stick and throttle can not be moved by the Oculus Touch controllers. All other switches appear to work fine using Touch controllers.
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