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  1. I haven't tried it, but can't you just back off the fuel slider bar to just the internal fuel load?
  2. For the past few months, I'd shelved the Viper in favor of the Harrier, until the former matured a bit. Yesterday, I flew the Viper to check its status....WOW!! It's way better now, and I can't wait for the Oct release, whatever it will contain. Keep up the great work, ED. Let me get back to my muscle memory....
  3. F-16I / Sufa...'nuff said. Take my money!
  4. IMO, when I first read this and even now, I couldn't figure out your specific request. I would suggest you list the specific functionality you know is missing and explain how DTS supports that functionality, including any related screenshots, videos, documentation, within forum rules, of course.
  5. Well, you can cancel the update and wait until after this coming weekend as an option.
  6. Agreed...I just flew with Sidearm, LMAV, and JDAM, with gun pod and TPOD.
  7. Yeah. We've reached a compromise, but we still want to continue arguing the need for a compromise in the first place. Sigh...
  8. If you had them included, did you also notice sporadic drops in support aircraft (tanker, AWACS, etc.) on SA pages? TIA!
  9. Probably loaded the HARM on the pylon that doesn't have the umbilical to talk to the missile?? I can't remember which, but I think the valid pylons are more inboard to the fuselage.
  10. And the armed laser "L" flashes when firing, correct? @buceador
  11. While I read these with great interest, until we get the new flight model, it's all kinda moot. I'm waiting for the dust to settle before getting too Viper serious, but that's just me.
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