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  1. Hello geek, How to celebrate the special Three Kings Day with an alternative and fun race !!! Leave your joystick for a day and come to the Ferrari circuit in Abu Dhabi, choose a Humvee, a Transport M818, an APC or whatever you want and play with us in this crazy race. January 6 at 21:00 UTC Reply to this message those of you who want to participate, to organize the different categories. Starting positions will be posted in Discord channel at 14:00 UTC Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/ZftFC5fy
  2. To slew down, use TDC Aft. "J" key. ;)
  3. Hello, I had this same problem the first few days. It was impossible for me to start the Harrier. In the end I discovered that the problem was caused by my old Belkin Nostromo n52 (used for Arma3). By disconnecting it from USB, I was able to do the startup without problems. See that the same thing does not happen to you with any device that you have connected. regards
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