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  1. None so far. In the US. I have never paid tax or fees on any Virpil stuff, I think it is a pretty random thing. I have heard of people being billed months later, but that has never happened to me.
  2. I ran several 4 bomb runs with 31’s (which have always worked for me) and the trouble makers, 38’s and 54’s. All hit close to the mark, usually destroying 3 out of 4 and damaging the fourth. All runs from 20,000 feet in Syria against 4 T90 tanks. I have been delaying release until the caret gets about 1/4 of the way down the staple. Try that, it is possible that is why I hit, there may not have been a fix. That was suggested by someone in another group.
  3. I made a couple of runs with the 38’s and 31’s last night and didn’t get any falling way short or overshooting so I think they fixed it. Accuracy seemed fair, but I need to do more testing.
  4. Thanks but that doesn’t work for me. Am I missing something?
  5. I’ll third that. It’s been great to see all the advances since the early sims and it is nice to sim at night without having to worry about getting up early.
  6. Yeah, sorry. DHL. I don’t think DHS would be my carrier of choice, lol.
  7. On my last orders I have used DHS and they have been doing customs in Cincinnati. I had it two days after Degaulle on my last two orders. Hopefully it works out that way for you.
  8. I’ve had mine about a month. After all the helpful posts from group members, especially Imacken, I have it set up the way I want it for the A10C II and F18. Including both throttle rotaries, as of last night. I can see why you miss yours! Good luck getting it fixed.
  9. I ordered a CM3 throttle on March 7 and it will be delivered tomorrow (March 19, in the US). I had expected a longer wait.
  10. It wasn’t mentioned in the 12-17 patch but I was still hoping this had been fixed. Unfortunately it is the same. Solid hits with the GBU 31(V)1/B and misses with the GBU 38 with one falling way short. I didn’t try the 54. Figured it would be the same.
  11. That was the first actual mission I tried. It discouraged me so much I didn’t try any others and started writing my own training missions. I can make them challenging but doable and have learned a lot.
  12. It’s funny, I can consistently hit multiple (4) targets with mark points and the GBU-31(V)1/B but not with the 3/B, or the GBU 38 or 54. And I have inconsistent results with the laser guided bombs as well, though I have not tested them as much. Mavericks are fine as are laser guided rockets.
  13. EMMY is right about having to turn on the volume buttons on the Comm panel as well as the on/off switch on the ILS panel if you want to hear the Morse code. I did find the on/off switch to be reversed on the AC 10 C1 model, though, which prevented me from finishing the basic training campaign missions. When I switched the miz files to the AC 10 C II, everything worked as it is supposed to.
  14. I went back to the A10C after the new module came out and am having a blast. I did not know about this reference until now. It is incredible! Thank you!
  15. I have no problem dropping multiple JDAMs either, but one will hit a target and the others fall way short. Using the latest beta before today’s hot fix.
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