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  1. Read Manual No aircraft shown at top, no stations on missing aircraft, no weapons to select.Nada, zip, diddly, squat Must have been dropped for stable release. Maybe torps are unstable. thanks skud
  2. Are you in 2.5.6 stable or beta? I use 2.5.6 stable and my picklists for the 88 loadout are empty. I am new to mission editor so maybe I am missing some step? I can't even load anything.
  3. Add me to the list for flyable 88. And I will go to the other thread and post there as well Edit: No I won't that link is dead... skud
  4. Got 2.5.6 stable downloaded today and could not figure out how to load the 88 with torps or anything else. Picklists are blank. Also couldn't make it attack an LST only fly over it. I am new at DCS mission editing so maybe I am missing something. If someone has been able to do it in 2.5.6 stable I'd appreciate a couple of tips. Is there a guide someone could give me a link to. Man! it's a gorgeously ugly plane though. The lighting and textures in DCS are top class. I want to fly it! skud
  5. I dream about DCS making this flyable. A4 is the perfect pick as it was the most abundant. The bomber versions of the later 88 could dive however a lot of crews removed the dive brakes thus trading some accuracy for extra survival speed. A couple of things I noticed wrong about the current AI in beta while watching videos of it. 1)Cowling flaps (Kuhlerklappen) are shut tight during loaded cruise in summer--not likely 2)Landing gear comes down in 5 seconds, real 88 took about 30 seconds Otherwise its beautiful Please DCS - make my favorite plane flyable! skud
  6. This thing is the most beautiful piece of flight sim gear I have ever seen. Please make this!! A high-end piece of gear like this is easily worth $400-500. The only thing I would do is make a bigger more realistic trim wheel with a rotary encoder so it moves very slowly.
  7. Trying to use my PZ255 as a Key Emulator with Battle of Stalingrad I have successfully used this program to use my PZ255 with IL2 Cliffs of Dover but in BoS it will not send multiple key captures i.e. vk LCTRL-H. When mapping in BoS I just get "H" sent or picked up by BoS. I have tried adding time delays with no success. Any ideas? Great program by the way. I was worried I spent $100+ on a brick. Thanks Skud
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