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  1. Excellent response. Just what I needed. Thank you.
  2. I need some help from someone knowledgeable regarding the DCS F-16C block 50 and the DCS FA-18C block ? Comparing the overall technological capabilities of both aircraft, which one's systems are considered more advanced. For example, the FA-18C has a moving map display, the F-16C does not. But that does not necessarily mean the F-16 is technologically older than the FA-18C. Can someone with a technical understanding of these planes help me understand the differences. I would like to move to a more technically advanced aircraft, with updated systems, less old school hard work in the cockp
  3. Thank you Thol... Played the video, stopped repeated in the jet. Still nothing... Problem solved: genius pilot had range set too high at 80nm. Changed the range down to 40nm or 20nm and there you go...problem solved. Thank for your help guys.
  4. I am not seeing any bomb guidelines at all. No circles. No pizza slices. I know it is something I am not doing, I just don't know what it could be that is preventing these from showing up on the HSI.
  5. I downloaded and am using the first mission of Operation Saber Thrust, a campaign configured for the super carrier. Having been out of DCS for a year, I am a little rusty, but then again, maybe not with all the changes. Basic GBU-31 gps guided bomb mission. Use in either TOO or TPP modes. Problem: I am missing the inner (min range) and outer (max range) rings of the target area of the gbu-31 on the HSI. What might I be doing wrong. I have watched many videos, they all seem straight forward, and all show the targeting rings on the HSI. For some reason I cannot.
  6. I followed "A Hamburgler's" advice to the letter. My fps went from 29 to 60.
  7. I am currently using the PIMAX 5k plus. Just upgraded to the latest PiTool software that gave me more options. I am comfortable with running the headset at 60Hz, but usually use 90Hz. With the new PiTool option of 120Hz, I find the experience very smooth. Using a few tweaks that pass integrity check in DCS from a fellow pilot, I found my FPS jump from 29fps to 60fps. For me this would be a perfectly acceptable VR experience, were it not for the visual clarity. I watched an exhaustive review of the PIMAX 8k X, almost 2 hours, and the reviewers conclusion was, now with native d
  8. I agree with DCS decision to delay release until bugs can be addressed. That is common sense. DCS charged me about $19 US if I recall correctly for the Super Carrier pre-purchase. At that price, I'm not about to complain about anything.
  9. My 2 cents I came across DCS about 3 years ago. Started in the F-5E Tiger II, because that was our squadron's training aircraft. (Will not land well on a carrier LOL). Then I started learning the AV-8B Harrier, because of the advanced avionics it provided - although incomplete, I could still fly an accurate ILS approach at night. (Discovered I absolutely hate VTOL). Then I transitioned to the M-2000C Mirage, to learn to dog fight while strapped into a high performance platform. (Had to mod it to English.) Never really appreciated this one, although there are others who sing its pr
  10. I create my kneeboard by using an imaging software and a screen grabber. 1. If I want to create my own, I go into Photoshop, create my list or whatever I want on that page, then save it as a *.png file to my clipboard located here: C:\Users\user name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard\FA-18C_hornet You can create where you want the file to go in the stack by the way you name it. I learned by trial and error. Quick to pick up on. Of course, the remaining files in the kneeboard by ED will still be there for that particular airplane you are flying. 2. Or you can simply
  11. I put 1100 hours on the F/A-18C last year. Only about 100 this year for personal reasons, nothing to do with ED. There is a LOT of things that are not (yet) modeled in this jet, but for the money it is one of the best modules I have ever flown, in any flight simulator system. I have a former employee/friend who works for LM who used to be on the programming team of the F-35. YEARS of programming on that jet. It was always a work in progress...never completed...always being updated. There are some things I suppose I can live without in an equally complex simulation. Bottom
  12. 9000 hours in military and civilian IRL. Then I discovered VR, DCS and the hornet all about the same time. I have flown the DCS F-18C hornet for over 1100 hours in VR. Sometimes I have to remind myself ... it is just a game! Hornet is not complete...true. But you don't need it to be. So much to learn. Your biggest challenge will be finding those whom you like flying with, to work in concert with you. Lot's of those out there...just need to find 1.
  13. I found Redkite to be the most detailed in his explaination of how to use the targeting pod:
  14. Thanks Guppy, perfect fix. Can't tell you how much time spent trying to figure this out. Thank you for posting!
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