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  1. Last one was Saturday at like 10:00 GMT-4, not Sunday.
  2. Here's what it says: It is in regard to a post (closer to an essay, both worth a read) made by a hoggit user. It was clearly laid out, generally respectful and I think he put on words what the general feeling was for a lot of people, but in a well worded and constructive manner.
  3. Nah, this can be seen as a "transparency" paper. I've been on Polychop's Discord for a while, and that paper translates really well the general feeling of being there. Bug reports are either blantantly denied (e.g. the mouse-controlled camera for the minigun that does not work in VR, but supposedly that's a "feature"), or simply brushed off with "we'll fixed everything in the future, be patient" but without any actual fixes coming up. EDIT: on top of that, fixes that are said to be "in the hands of ED" while a community member proves that it is not the case just goes on to say that these community put effort backing up the point they're trying to make.
  4. Yeah it shouldn’t be picked up at all. The limited range is due to scattering, so a floating designation point makes no physical sense. And I remember linking some public data on older targeting pod (like the LANTIRN) having a range requirement for designation of 15 nm, with newer pod being like 20. I’ll try finding those links again.
  5. In Afghanistan? Sure, they’re basically flying CAS only. In Desert Storm? Nope. They’re actually actively searching for targets in the desert. This is where the AG radar is super useful. That, and low-level night strikes, which haven’t been used as a tactic since Desert Storm (because it just makes no sense to do so when your target might have at best an old rusty MANPAD).
  6. The biggest problem with that point of view arises from "new school" pilots that have almost never used the AG radar because they mainly did low intensity CAS with all the intel they needed and with possible collateral damages. AG radar doesn't really serve any purpose in low intensity asymmetric warfare. In a full-blown war where targets are moving, strikes happen in the middle of the night or during bad weather, where big infrastructure are targeted, a AG radar is definitely an invaluable tool. There's a reason why every single attack aircraft (except light attack and CAS aircrafts like the A-10) nowadays have AG radars. An AG radar gives you: - AGR: ranging info, solving the height of target problem - RBM: mapping through inclement weather and target detection - DBS1 or 2: higher detail, "zoomed in" view of a patch, in which you can see parked aircrafts or hangars for example, with a lock capability - SAR (the F-16 doesn't have that though): range-independent even more "zoomed in" (except at close range) view with better details - GMTI: automatic detection and tracking of moving targets on ground, e.g. detecting a convoy or a tank line moving - TF/TA: terrain following (giving a curve generally coupled with autopilot for low-level flight) and terrain avoidance ("contour" plot of terrain above, at and below the airplane) - SEA: Similar to GMTI but for targets at sea (does not need to be moving in this case) Example of use case: - Finding a convoy - Detecting SCUD launchers in the desert - Targeting an outpost - Low-level strike - Strike with less than ideal intel - Strike in a 80s scenario (where satellite imagery was more difficult to obtain or simply unavailable) - Anti-shipping/anti-piracy - Search and rescue And the list goes on.
  7. I don't know what's happening, but for me the Lysbomb just aren't working. I got to release them, but they didn't emit any light.
  8. Can't wait to try and get that thing to continue flying while doing my troubleshooting master technique: turning every switch off and on again. Honestly, I can't wait to fly that thing! :)
  9. Yep, same for me. I'd rather get the module sooner with WIP textures than latter. I'm much more ok with WIP textures than WIP systems to be honest.
  10. I’m sorry but it’s not a feature request. The current implementation is extremely buggy in VR and just not usable.
  11. The best way to contact the devs (I think there’s only one or two left or active) is via their Discord. Although the only thing they reply to bug reports is "we will try and take a look" or "we have other priorities."
  12. From what has been released in terms of info and in-game demos, I trust Deka much more than other third parties in releasing a good product. For once it's not all flashy trailers (cool, but useless at actually demoing what the module is) and stupid hype trains. They're showing they can do a good job at simulating a module (ground radar, MITL CK missile, FCS/FM demos) rather than a good job at making videos and choosing the right image filter and music.
  13. The Walleyes we’re getting, like some people said, are much newer datalink capable weapons. They’re man-in-the-loop capable and the launching aircraft can offload the targeting to another aircraft (eg orbiting safely away from the target). Much more interesting than a Mav missile.
  14. One small thing about rule 1.15 that I think the team doesn’t get: Comparing how systems are implemented in other games is indeed pointless, but here’s an example that isn’t and IMO should be allowed: X game has Y implementation, and I’ve seen Z performance increase, this would be interesting to see in DCS. Naming X game gives a reference. Right now it’s incredibly difficult and frustrating to reference game mechanics and visuals/performance, because we can’t reference any game. Eagle Dynamics is still making games (no professional flight sim, at least not DCS) and a such, I think it is fair to say that we should be able to talk about other games and reference them (specifically on video game-related things). This is so ED can have access to the best info its community can give.
  15. The reason why this is "beyond the scope" is that those percentages are exactly that: percentages, not units. Doesn't matter what you're working with, as long as it acts like most metals: a first mostly elastic deformation (up until yield strength) and then a plastic deformation part (up until ultimate strength). If say you're at 150% load limit with both an aluminum structure and a titanium structure, the actual strain (in units) might be at 70 kpsi for the alu structure and 128 kpsi for the titanium structure. Below Average's comment was just a general rule of thumb on strain and deformations caused to airframes over-g'ing.
  16. I think that would be something like that, but telling his pilot this is a PD-only contact. The workflow for a RIO would be to stay in RWS, if there are no contacts, you switch to PD Search, if you pick up something, then you know it's extremely far out, since RWS doesn't show anything. Then it's a matter of juggling between PD and RWS until the target shows up. Once the target is close enough, you then switch to TWS and so on. I think it's possible to lock the target up to STT using the DDD in PD Search too, if you don't mind the reduced SA (or if the target is confirmed to be alone).
  17. It's already been said countless of times that they are aiming for a Summer 2019 early access release, and not 2 weeks ago they confirmed it was still on track. Seeing how they said: before Oct 1st pretty much confirms what we already knew anyway: released by the end of the month.
  18. At around 15 km, the Viggen's afterburner flames out, so that explains the sudden decceleration you're experiencing.
  19. Bumpy bump. This would be a pretty nice fix for VR. It's barely useable right now because of that.
  20. Have you checked in with your MB manufacturer if there’s an updated BIOS available? Some 2nd and 3rd gen mobos are not compatible with Pascal and above cards without a BIOS update. That would explain why the card is in safe mode. I had to ditch my OEM HP mobo back when I had an i7-2600 and I had just bought my 1060-6GB because it would simply not boot. New mobo in, updated the BIOS and bam, worked like a charm.
  21. That's what the "FD" autopilot mode is for. Same for FD bombing mode, which is an AUTO release mode coupled with the autopilot.
  22. As far as what I've seen on the Discord and from other sources, it seems like the timeline was: Olivier was the lead artist on the Bo-105, and according to other Polychop members, there was a pretty big argument on what would have to be coded and how (I don't know why or about what). Some members decided to implement the code logic for the Bo-105 without Oliver's consent and in "secret", leading to an almost "ready for release" product (See this: ). At that point, for some reasons unbeknownst to us, a bigger argument lead to Oliver's departure from the company, maintaining is IP on the Bo-105 art and models, while the rest of Polychop kept their IP on the logic and code. Now Oliver (The_Fragger here on the forum) is working on the Bo-105 alone, but can't code, so another not-announced-yet third party was contracted to finish the code part. Disclaimer: what I just explained is based on my understanding of the situation and what was said both on Polychop's Discord and other places (such as this forums). Some parts may be inaccurate or wrong.
  23. When your targets are insurgents hiding in villages with a high collateral damage chance, for sure you’re not gonna rely on radar imagery. Same for CAS, where the JTAC is basically guiding you in. In those cases, an AG radar seems useless. Given that’s the battlefield conditions the exact same Hornet we fly flew in, for sure pilots accounts will describe the AG radar as almost never used. But in a all-out war with night/adverse weather strikes and such, having an AG radar is a must, just like it was in Desert Storm.
  24. That’s true for any Harpoon launch, with or without a designation. A designation with a Harpoon is basically a "look for ships around this point", just like the Viggen’s RB-15F Bx8 waypoint.
  25. Nope, the Hornet's radar has full GMTT/GMTI (Ground Moving Targets Tracking, Ground Moving Targets Indication) with synthetic bricks using Doppler-based tracking. In fact, like Beamscanner said, most AG radar modes actually use the Doppler effect as a mean to produce an image.
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