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  1. When using the CM-802AKG in the MITL terminal phase, the slew control does not automatically revert to center when letting go the slew button. This seems to affect the "button" slew control, but I couldn't test it against an "axis" slew. This seems to be a bug, as in the demo video, the slew always revert to center, see: I included a track. Steps to reproduce: 1. Fire CM-802AKG 2. Wait for MITL terminal phase 3. Slew the seeker with TDC buttons (not axis) Thanks! JF-17_cm_802akg_slew_bug.trk
  2. The quick manual has a usage guide for LD-10s. Basically, there are 3 modes: 1. Active: similar to HARM Pre-Brief mode, goes to your SPI and look for radar emission close to you SPI. 2. Passive: also known as maddog, starts seeking the highest intensity radar. 3. Self-Protect: starts seeking the emitter currently locking you. You're probably in SP with no emitter locking you, so that's why they won't go off. Try one of the other modes.
  3. Can confirm this is an issue. See attached track. Same kind of issue as with the TPOD. JF-17_cm_802akg_bug.trk
  4. Yep it’s definitely a bug. The luminosity of each symbol adds up to the other, so it gets brighter the more contacts there is. It should stay the same luminosity.
  5. I think I've seen "rp#" and "pp#" for RP (30-39) and PP (40-49) points. I would guess "wp#" for waypoints (1-29), but I'm not entirely sure. EDIT: corrections: 1-29 are for waypoints, 30-33 are for RP, 34-39 are for PP, 40 is SPI, 41-49 are for mark point, 50-59 are for airports
  6. The strobing screen when using a TPOD or TV/IR missile and A2G radar is in the known bugs for the JF-17. I can't say I've seen a performance difference when using the A2G radar in my experience.
  7. Great! Thank you! I was a bit straight to the point in my bug report, but great job on the JF-17, it's a blast!
  8. Alright, so I've encountered several bugs while playing in MP. 1. After a successful rearm (if no stores were installed) and DTC update, the WMD-7 targeting pod is stuck on "aligning" with a remaining timer at 0, without being able to uncage it (be it on the ground or in the air). The linked track is doing the alignment on the ground, but the same thing happens in the air. 2. The datalink contacts appear as enemy even though they are friendly. 3. RWR contacts are not updated with respect to INS data, so moving the aircraft arounds makes the contact appear at "false" position until an update. I think the same thing happens with the radar (although I'm not entirely sure). This is similar to what was happening before with the F-16 SAM mode, see: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=250827 See track (too large for the forums): https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoHepwqBQ7C3grUSzKCCjUi8SyatUQ?e=w9LSXv The track is a bit long, but the targeting pod issue happens at the beginning. The datalink contact issue appears right before the end, where I unfortunately shoot down a friendly because of that.
  9. @kaoqumba Do you happen to know if DBS is implemented or not? I know back in August DIS said they still had issues with it and it might not make it into EA in Sept, but because of the delay, I thought there might still be a chance that it made it. Thanks!
  10. No it's not. VS is a velocity search only-mode, which gives a azimuth and closure-rate radar picture. This is similar to the PD Search mode of the F-14's AWG-9. It should get it a some point, and yes it gives better "range" due to not having to compute the actual range of the target. As for SAM: I think the closest we have in the Hornet is the LTWS or TWS, but someone more knowledgeable might correct me. SIL vs normal: Silent cuts radar emission, so you won't get any returns.
  11. That info dates back to the 26th of August, DBS could be in. I know back then they had still issues with DBS working correctly (but they had an implementation) and didn’t think they could make it in in time for early access (back when they sound they were aiming for September for release). We’re now closing in on December, so DBS could very well be in.
  12. The notch filter is about the speed difference from ground relative to you. Anything flying below 100 kts even going straight toward you is going to be filtered out. The Notch filter is there to remove Doppler returns from the ground, whereas the Doppler "filter" (really not a filter) is just the absence of Doppler effect due to an object moving at your own speed. Anything flying at +/- 100 kts relative to the speed of the ground for you (either via moving perpendicularly from your direction or by simply moving slowly in your direction relative to the ground) isn't going to appear on the F-14's radar (with the Notch filter on). EDIT: Just to be more clear, you will never be able to see a heli flying less than 100 kts ground speed if your Notch filter is on, which is definitely something that will happen often for a heli (flying less than 100 kts GS).
  13. toilet2000


    AFAIK, it is possible to input an image of the target in the weapon's system and it will try and match what it sees with what is saved in its memory. The issue is that the weapon is not Datalink capable and from what I've read, it is done on the ground and not in the air. A TGP image of the target would not suffice. This would not really be feasible in DCS. Note: this is not official info in any form, but simply what I gathered reading online on that topic. Feel free to correct me.
  14. A radar view of a Belgian F-16 seems to show the SAM scan pattern as it is in DCS currently. It is clearly not the same version as our F-16, but at least it gives the possibility that DCS' current SAM scan pattern might be true to life. At 0:40, you can see the "locked" target, with the radar staying for a time on the target (the inverted T at the bottom), then scanning around and so on, just like in DCS currently.
  15. So... Are we still getting that MAWS and defensive systems video? :)
  16. Great post Beamscanner! I'm curious if the tracking algorithms of radars use only a motion model like you seem to imply. Considering the Hornet's radar is capable of NCTR, I would assume some kind of appearance model (based off of the return waveform or the likes) could be use to enhance tracking and discriminate between closely spaced and maneuvering targets.
  17. One of the use of that is something that I found to want to be able to do often: Whenever a target goes defensive and notch the target, it is often possible to still see it on the TCS (especially in narrow FOV) if below 40-50 nm. It still tracks the target with TCS but no radar track is available. Switching the radar to Pulse mode and slaving it to the TCS should therefore permit reacquisition of the target. So even outside of a jamming environment, this option would be quite useful.
  18. The Kiowa Warrior does have a laser designator that can designate for other LSS/T and laser guided weapons (LGBs and Mav E's) IIRC.
  19. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=250863 Already reported.
  20. Thanks Santi! @NineLine I added a track (as short as I could make it) to the original post!
  21. That's weird, I have a worse config than yours and performance is ok (I'm not experiencing micro stutters). My specs: i5-8600K@5GHz, 32 GB CL16 3200MHz, RTX2070 (slightly OC'd), running on an NVMe SSD (4x). Are you running with MSAA?
  22. Re-center your screen. You're looking the wrong way! (Numpad 5 by default IIRC)
  23. As with the Hornet's LTWS (though it was partially fixed), the SAM mode of the radar displays symbology relative to the HUD frame, not World coordinates. As such, the TD box moves with the aircraft, but should stay pointing in the same "world" direction (at least updated as fast as the INS/Air Data Computer can update the pitch ladder/orientation). This makes SAM almost useless during any kind of basic maneuvering (a 15 degree bank will throw the box far away from the real target due to the lower refresh rate of SAM). See this Hornet bug thread for a good explanation: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=238656 f-16_SAM_box_bug.trk
  24. The last one is still on Saturday, contrary to what the person I responded to said.
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