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  1. Since changelogs aren't always meaningful, Here is a more visual representation of some of the changes from v0.9.1116 to v1.0.0125: Re-worked R/S/ESSS models and textures. (see example of Knighthawk updates below) Added/modified liveries. The following liveries are now included with the mod: - (USA) 56thRQS 26208 - (USA) 56thRQS 26208 with EURO ONE CAMO - (USA) 56thRQS 26208 with DESERT CAMO - (USA) 160th SOAR NightStalkers - (ESP) SPANISH ARMADA 10thAS 165856 Modified/adapted from my multiple country skin pack - (USA) MH-60S HSC-25 Island Knights (BuNo 166367) - (USA) US Homeland Security - (USA) MH-60R HSM-75 (BuNo 168103) - (USA) US Coast Guard (6004) - (AFG) Afghan National Army - (AUS) Australian Army 5th Aviation Regiment (A25-111 Barbarian) - (AUT) Austrian Bundesheer (6MBF) - (BRA) Brazil Air Force (8908) - (BRN) Royal Brunei Air Force (TUDB-403) - (CHN) China People's Liberation Army Air Force S-70C (LH92209) - (CHN) China People's Liberation Army Air Force Z-20 (H-60 copy) - (COL) Colombia Air Force (4138) - (EGY) Egypt Presidential - (ISR) Israel Air Force Squadron 123 (707) - (JAP) Japan Air Self-Defense Force (4551) - (JOR) Jordanian Special Ops (3002) - (KOR) South Korea ROK Army UH-60P (01-750) - (MEX) Mexico Federal Police (101) - (MEX) Mexico Air Force (1069) - (MEX) Mexico Navy (302) - (MYS) Malaysia Air Force (M46-02) - (PHL) Philippine Air Force (1st S-70i from PZL Mielec - no tail no) - (POL) PZL Mielec S-70i - (SAU) Royal Saudi Army (26101) - (SIN) Singapore Navy (266) - (SWE) Swedish Armed Forces (161229) - (THA) Royal Thai Navy (3201) - (TUN) Tunisia Air Force (L82304) - (TUR) Turkey Land Forces (14309) - (TUR) Turkey Jandarma (1925) - (TWN) Taiwan ROC Army (27250)
  2. too diverse, lol. Confused me with all the different variants. Sorry folks, with all the different variants a wrong model snuck in for the UH-60L legacy with no pylons/probe. It should be corrected now (v1.0.0125)
  3. Not needed. Those skins are baked in now (with updates to make more compatible with the mod). you could probably still add my old skin pack but you would have redundant/duplicate skins that are not color matched to the new parts. Any other skins that you may have for the old UH-60a will still work (by adding them to the mod liveries) but ymmv
  4. UPDATE RELEASED. v1.0.0123 is now available. See 1st post. I also included a "bonus" UH-60J variant Note: This release now includes all of the liveries from my old UH-60a skin pack (adapted for this mod). You no longer need to add my old "UH-60a Livery Pack (Multiple Country H-60 variants)" to have them working in this mod. (you can still add other livery artist skins) There are now 37 liveries included. They are coded by country so only those applicable to the country you select in ME will show up Changes: Added 4 more models / configurations: MH-60R no pylons, MH-60S no pylons, MH-60L (legacy) with pylons and UH-60J Re-worked R/S/ESSS models and textures Added/modified liveries Added Damage code (thanks to "RustyGunner" for identifying it was missing) Modified fuel tank code to avoid any potential conflicts
  5. please pm a screenshot to me. Odd, I thought I coded everything with very unique naming to avoid any conflicts. I don't see anything in my code or models that would conflict with the A4 but have recoded the fuel tanks anyway for the coming update. p.s. do you have any of the other blackhawk mods installed? just want to confirm you are seeing the tanks from my mod p.p.s: I will try to get the update out this weekend (not sure if I will get all the new liveries I wanted to include finished but we'll see)
  6. AFAIK, both server and other users need to have mod installed for MP (same as any other mod in MP) Liveries need to be loaded in the "\Liveries\CLP_UH60aMOD" folder, example: "C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\CLP_UH-60a_MOD\Liveries\CLP_UH60aMOD\") (or) "C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\CLP_UH60aMOD" Also, check the country matches the livery in ME. for example, my old UH-60a liveries were coded by country, so if you placed a USA blackhawk in ME, the Israel livery would not show (you would need to change country of the plane to match or use country = "combined joint task force" which will show all countries on that side.
  7. there is no need to put this pack on rato's mod. That one already is a real SeaHawk and this is the "Not a SeaHawk" mod, lol. but seriously, I'm only touching up the Romeo for personal reasons (it's the reason I started this mod and I never really liked the way it looked. So, it's a bookend to this project to go back and re-work it a little) The rest of the configs in this mod are based on the UH-60 not the SH-60 I already stated that this project was intended as a "fast fix" utilizing existing as much as possible. There are hundreds of good liveries already made by the community for the UH-60a model. By keeping this mod the way it is, those liveries can still be used.
  8. Well... there are also these 2 configurations that were missing. ALL still WIP. I am reworking the 3d models which unfortunately means new UV maps, which means new textures, which means re-doing all the liveries. So, it may take some time before I have an update ready.
  9. is something like this what you wanted?
  10. @FoxHoundELite I am reworking the entire MH-60S model now and will include an additional no stub wings variant per your request. WIP photo below. If anyone else has any special requests, now is the time
  11. wrong thread. wrong mod. this one is AI only
  12. honestly, with all the recent H-60 mod releases from different developers, I had NOT intended to do any further development on this (I considered it a quick fix band-aid until something better came along). However, if there is enough continued interest in this mod, I will consider any popular requests for a future update.
  13. None. This mod uses the default UH-60a model in DCS and "bolts on" accessories from the readme.txt file: unzip the files and copy the entire contents of the 'Mods' folder in the zip file to your DCS user files folder, example: C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\ (You should end up with a "CLP_UH-60a_MOD" folder under Mods/Tech, example: "C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\CLP_UH-60a_MOD\") No. This was made to work with the existing UH-60a model. The recently released UH60L mod uses a different model. Liveries and loadouts in this mod are not compatible with the Skyward UH60L mod No. see title: (AI only) If you want a flyable Blackhawk mod, see:
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