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  1. I have updated my UH-60 livery pack to include 2 liveries from Turkey. The pack is available for download here: UH-60a Livery Pack (H-60 variants) (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  2. Here is a rough draft of the Jandarma livery. I will post here when the pack is complete and available for download (including both the Turkish Land Forces and the Jandarma liveries)
  3. I made a bunch of modifications to the liveries (mostly detail work), including adding 3D textures (normal map) for some missing details like corner supports above rear hatches, vents, more rivets, panel lines in the tail H. Stabs, hatch lines incl. side cargo hatch in the VX-6 variant, and some overall metal bulge/ripple texturing, etc. (I might have exaggerated that effect too much - probably needs some further tweaking. Haven't yet found that balance between too much and not noticeable). Current version is now 2.0
  4. It is still work in progress, but I will be bundling the skin above with a few others (EMEA region countries) for release soon. If you want, I can also look at maybe including a Turkish Jandarma livery as well
  5. the Log file is stored in your DCS user files directory, usually something like: C:\Users\YOURNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Logs\ and the file you want is "dcs.log" It is just a text file that logs activity while DCS runs. If there is a problem, usually you can get some idea of the issue from the file (usually people will want you to submit this file to help you resolve issues)
  6. I assume that you have all the required lua scripts (countries/aircraft/s-3b/etc) and edm models if you have run update and repair, so the next question is whether you are running any mods? or see any errors in your dcs.log file?
  7. I assume you mean it is not available in the mission editor? silly question, but are you using the correct country? S-3b is only available for USA (or CJTF)
  8. here: {"pilot helmet", DIFFUSE , "JF-17_helmet", false}; {"pilot helmet", NORMAL_MAP , "jf-17_pilot_helmet_norm", false}; {"pilot helmet", SPECULAR , "jf-17_pilot_helmet_roughmet", false};
  9. I will upload a set of 5 skins for you (US Navy and Marines). Should be available in a few days (after moderator approval). Credit to Strider for the template that I used in making them. BTW, I made these fairly quickly, so there may be some errors in sizing or otherwise. If you find a problem, let me know. download here: "https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314292/"
  10. [Semi-Fictional] F-14A VF-191 "Satans Kittens" BuNo 159870 Most of my livery work is fictional and for use in our virtual squadron (about 130 skins to date), but I wanted to give some recognition to one of the lesser known Tomcat squadrons, work on an -A livery, and give something to the greater DCS community, while also representing our virtual squadron (the "40th SOC") where we have some great livery artists and why I started skinning in the first place, so here is the result: Although based on the actual BuNo 159870 (circa 1988), this skin is technically "fictional"
  11. I am hoping that ED fixes this in the next patch; but if not, I will upload a mod that fixes the problem (small user files mod that replaces the default m261 textures) EDIT: it looks like it was fixed by ED, so no need for me to upload a mod to fix it
  12. Although it is fast and easy, I do NOT condone modifying core files :music_whistling:
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