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  1. Seems that after 2.7 release, the Fuel dump trail has become hardly visible. Unless you pan the camera in some angle, its not visible. Not visible at all from the cockpit, not even when zooming in and out.
  2. My guess is that you mean the part underneath the aft part of the canopy and behind the ejection seat? Looks like they still need to model the vent that sits in that section, and maybe some panel work + rivets. 3D model is still a WIP as far as i know. So they will probably finish that first before textures. They have some 3D work on the landing gear and wheel bays too.
  3. Almost one year after i started this topic, it still didnt get fixed ED i hope you can get it patched on my birthday which is the 10th of Februari, that would be a nice gift Thank you
  4. If you mean these, you can just enable them in the Loadout (F-16C.lua) file. The official name is "MXU-64"
  5. Some night training, Enjoy. Skin "BAF FA-106 NTM 2014" by Roughmaster!
  6. Gotta take it out on the little guys since we dont have proper anti-SAM capabillity:music_whistling:
  7. Is the 3D model still a WIP? i read a topic about this before but cant find it anymore... I noticed the Wingtip rails are still not slanted downward towards the ground. Pics for Reference: As seen in this screenshot, the wingtip rail is too straight. It should point downward quite a bit. Also note nose gear compression is not enough, even on a clean config. Wingtip rails still pointing down on takeoff. (Correct airframe). I have read people stating the wingtips level off during cruising speeds. This picture proves that is not the case. (Correct airframe). Nose wheel compressi
  8. Hi, This has bothered me and a lot of friends i fly with for some time now. But can you please add desert skins for assets on middle eastern maps, Units such as the M1 Abrams, HMMWV, Patriot, LAV, Infantry, FARPS with a "sandy" base instead of grass... Thanks.
  9. I'd like to see some placeable buildings with larger explosions and smoke in the mission editor. Things like; -Weapons storage -Fuel Storage/depot, maybe even gas stations? -Refinery -Chemical plant -Large static aircraft -Ammo crates -Bomb racks I have seen the Oil storage on the Persian Gulf map. And they just collapse like any other building you bomb on the map. Maybe an idea for future maps is that they would have larger explosions integrated to them. Already enjoying DCS for quite some time, but its these details that keep the sim interresting. Keep up the good work ED!
  10. Its already used for the A-10C, they just have to add it to the F-16's loadout and add drag and weight for it.
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