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  1. Nope, did not work. Im now in contact with the support. Since my Files are so big I had to send them a link, I hope thats not a problem. Thanks for the help anyway, I appreciate any help I can get!
  2. Btw uninstalling the entire game and reinstalling it did not work. I deleted every single file that had to do with DCS.
  3. Since the file was too big and the log file gave an error after tying to upload, I uploaded it on Mega. https://mega.nz/#!4BYE3QQA!0APtq5mcfbRS5pcww_TnT9FAAtOME_rCnjEB823S4w8 File is a .zip with both in it thanks for your help!
  4. My game randomly crashes while trying to play multiplayer. It usually happens while im trying to startup my aircraft (in this case the F-16) or after im done and try to taxi. I dont get any errors and the .log file doesnt seem to pick it up either. I got a GTX 1060 6GB, 16gb ddr4 RAM 3200mhz, I5 8600k 4.5ghz OC, the game is on a SSD.
  5. Hello guys i have some questions about the Radar of the Viggen. I heared that it has a A2A radar but i didnt found anything about it on YT or in the Internet. Does some of you know how it works? Second question is about the Passive Radar option, i didnt figured out how to use it correctly and i dont really can make out a different to the normal mode.
  6. If i overwrite the default textures can i still join servers or do i have to do something special if i get an update
  7. https://imgur.com/a/PhaeZ yeah lol now its working
  8. Yes, thats what im talkin about i dont get an option there, there is just nothing. How can i attach a picture?
  9. Hello, i dont know if im the only one but i cant use a custom cockpit in the Viggen. I dont even get the option to switch a cockpit because there is no option. I would like to use my own cockpit because i like to put pictures in it.
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