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  1. Hey guys! Due to the recent ED forum engine change, the table has lost its original formatting. Because of this, I spent a small amount of my time to re-format it here. Happy painting! MAP SLOT NAME CHANNEL PURPOSE / FUNCTION DIFFUSE 0 BASE COLOR NORMAL 1 Normals/Depth and Depth Affects (ie Rain/Scratchs on Glass) SPECULAR 2 Surface Properties for Surface Flare Intensity, Width and Reflection (Replaced by RoughMet Map w/ D
  2. Great work guys! Glad to see the recognition.
  3. Hello, everyone! As a quick reminder, users are still able to join our server at this time, receiving temporary direct access to our text channels for the Heatblur Livery Competition. The link is down below: https://discord.gg/kVWcKmN Sirius.
  4. I have a job! Does that count? :(
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody has to make!
  6. It's been a hot minute since I have ever touched stuff like this. There are 2 problems I believe are coming with this: 1. The Su-25T has no point helper for the 3D model for DCS to recognize the tail hook. 2. If you would like to try and make the tailhook work, you'd likely need to receive the support of FC3 avionics, such as the Su-33, or taking binaries of the F/A-18C. I am not sure if are possible anymore since ED locked them for piracy concerns. Hope that helped! Sirius.
  7. Hello, everyone. We have updated our discord server! A lot of changes have happened, with the contribution of now monthly screenshot competitions, a gallery of livery artwork, and much more. Come check us out! Sirius.
  8. Isn't this my old code from when I was working on the MiG-23UB?
  9. The current Growler mod isn't anything more than a re-skinned F/A-18C the last time I have seen posts about the development of it.
  10. I'd have to argue. I think the only 3rd party with enough VTOL experience to attempt it is RAZBAM, and it's also a rotary aircraft so it would have its own interesting characteristics.
  11. ED could make the best move right now as to not give any release date, which is exactly what they're doing with the Supercarrier because it eliminates any pressure and expectation from the user fanbase. However, users like being updated about the progress of the game, and more so appreciate an idea of when they get their hands on something, so it will always be a tricky pair to balance.
  12. DCS: Livery Art Group An un-official DCS community, established to making liveries. Hello, users of the forums! We are an unofficial DCS community for livery makers of all walks to talk their trade, as well as a platform to connect livery makers with users, doing this is as a hobby or a paid interest, embodied by a strong passion towards doing it. Our existence will remain the same as it originally started: a group of people who share that one thing in common and share their works together. Attached below are links to our various social media pages, which we invite you to follow
  13. I recommend referring to BGSC: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=229910
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