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  1. I dunno man. I'd love to be hopeful for this...But my "Potential for Cluste$%^&^ Meter" is redlining on this one. I do applaud the devs effort for sure. Hope. But the vr competitors are going to come and and dominate this space my guess
  2. yes, I know the 4690 is absolute garbage for VR, and you're on the 4670? Yes get the 8700. ~$375? No brainer. (You'll go from something like your 7500 passmark score to a 16000) @5Ghz yes, update your ram immediately. 16bg or 32 gb clocked or oc'd to 3200+ prob new mb needed? no, on the video card. prices too high
  3. There are none to change! sans Prefer maximum performance
  4. Im as sure as the collective has determined it to be non applicable
  5. How does changing values that don't effect VR in any way help? This is being passed around as gospel but Nvidia settings have never interacted with Oculus Rift. Im confused. schepper_, Id change that 1024 every frame. go to 1024
  6. @45 fps stuttering with projectile vomiting all over bahahaha
  7. A "game changer" in all caps ? How so. messed with it a little. Noticed little thru 55-65. Maybe need to test in other cockpits
  8. I've cleared the files too. Not sure if they did anything, but good practice Im guessing...maybe helped with trees rendering, not sure. Im at 90fps with a 1.0pd in an empty map with the following settings and Deferred Shading On. Just enjoying flying around. Also, the trees I recently went to 100 with no ill effects
  9. Im guessing you haven't heard that nvidia inspector settings do not effect VR?
  10. why would you try something that doesn't work? Only Prefer Max Performance does anything afaik Although AF to 0 and Preload in 1/2 or lower will definitely boost results esp at higher pixel density :thumbup:
  11. Yes I had this issue too, esp in 2.2. In fact, Normandy was rendering flat and popping in like mushrooms everywhere. unplayable. 2.5 seems to have fixed it and the tress visibility seems to have solved it...? Unless I changed something...Hmm EDIT: Ok, not fixed exactly, but Normandy way better... its interesting to pause the game then slide the trees visibility to see it in action.
  12. Here are my settings for 90fps with Deferred Shading ON. (My 2 most desired performance settings) The major caveat is a 1.0 Pixel Density Since "Prefer Max Performance" is the only Nvidia setting I know works, thats the only one I set Notes: Benchmarked with No Enemy, No Multiplayer, No Clouds In 2.2 I had use HDR exclusively for multiplayer to hang around 90fps with 1.5 pixel density With the above settings, a 1.1 Pixel density causes frame drop below 90 Clouds cause a precipitous drop in one quick test 0 MSAA caucus 2 MSAA neveda
  13. Just make a north and south version. This should be the goal of the community hands down.
  14. Whatever I used this morning to go from 2.2 to 2.5 worked perfectly
  15. In VR, I tried Deferred Shading with a 1.0 Pixel Density , 2xSMAA, 2xAF. with pleasing results --solid 90fps being the key for me. Perhaps a low baseline for 90fps with my setup . Deferred shading is a real killer. but The eye candy is absolutely stunning Also had DefShading with 1.5 PD in 2.2 0xsmaa and 0x/2x AF running nicely 90fps Nellis either that or HDR with 16x AF 1.5 PD 90fps and say good bye to sunsets and shadows and colors and epicness
  16. Today is for enthusiasts, not new customers. Tomorrow is a scheduled release of a beta that may be more accessible
  17. In VR, I can only play with deferred shading off, performance wise. performance is very nice with it off... but holy moly, testing with deferred shading on and those breathtaking sunsets and city lights etc or the incredible deep blue skys w white clouds late afternoons is jaw dropping...that would be some experience at astable 90fps (going 0x AF does it close but..dont fly over any cities) HDR for now hopefully 2.5 eh
  18. OC your i-7770k w your RAM immediately dont use VR button settings, up your graphics on your own Ive had success with flat shadows and 16x AF and HIGH most other settings, max distance and surprisingly HDR on. maximum performance in nvidia control panel 1.5 SS
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