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  1. Curious as well... Would be a crying shame....
  2. That's indeed quite a good turnaround! Nice. Definitely considering a CM2 base. Worthy upgrade after many many years of WH usage. The stick of the WH I very much like so I'll keep that, plus an extension. Thanks again for the replies guys.
  3. Sorry... but I have to #facepalm... Send a message out into the world saying you're going to sell them seperately, with an estimated timeline -> Great! Especially the TMWH based base for me personally. But, months later (after total silence and only several requests for *any* update, be it positive or negative) it appears one has to contact the sales dept seperately to get one, because it's not shown on the website because "certain reasons"? Creeping timeline I can understand. But the (total) silence and lack of any mention on the webstore I can't. Maybe it's just me, but why the hel
  4. Hi, Is any info known on when the T-50CM2 base will be available? Or when it'll be shipped approximately when ordered? Cheers,
  5. I use the square, specifically because I don't have to guess where the outmost corners are. I.e. I want to go up & left, I can just push it in the corner.
  6. Are you -sure- you're engines are at full idle? Because they seem from the gauges to be just above idle for me.
  7. Agreed! Giving the option is the absolute best solution for this. This caters to the needs of people who just want to get in and fly and people who want the whole shabang. I do understand that it would be more maintanance for the mission designer if the choice would be available. Personally, if a campaign (or mission) has hotstart or runway/cat-start, I won't bother. Unless it's a airquake-type/fun mission off course.
  8. I feel you. By using hot-start and runway/cat-start, by default the people who want to do cold-start are left in the dark. DCS has the absolutely wonderful feature of having auto-start sequences for each aircraft. If timing is critical, it's no different for a mission/campaign designer to instead 'time' this off the auto-start sequence with some leeway added. If it's a quick/fun type mission I totally get the hotstart in any situation. But with a 'serious' mission or campaign, I don't see why hotstarts are used.
  9. Ok WOW! now this I'm seriously interested in!!! The one gripe with the TMWH I have is the stick base... So this seems like a great update! Question: will an extension also be purchaseable from VKB for this?
  10. Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to set limited stores to a (super)carrier? I'm designing a mission where I want to limit long-range A-A missiles. Off course the starting loadout will have no such weapons, but I want to prevent the smartass to just reload with modern weapons. For airports/FARP's this can be done with warehouses, but I'm unable to find it for the (super)carrier? Does anyone know? Or an alternative? Ta, Lukas
  11. Yes I have noticed and it's awesome! Heavy turning causes rotor clapping which (logically) completely drowns out any other noise. Love it! So good for (my) immersion.
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