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  1. I think you will find it showing Magnetic variation. If you select the TRUE OBS under MAPM you can cycle between magnetic and true heading, obviously the track line is track.
  2. Yes it’s a DCS bug with the AI. It has been fixed for the next update.
  3. Latest Moose.lua now has revised LSO handling for Spot 5 including new Sound files for LSO FF and Raynor. Sound Pack additional files attached to save downloading the whole pack. Airboss Soundpack spot 5 additions.zip
  4. This has been verified and reported internally, a work around in the interim is when you get back to MAP SLV, unbox DESG on the EHSD and keep going through to SNWPLW via SLV VVS.
  5. For those that want to build their own moose missions with the mighty USS America, my commits have now been accepted into the moose.lua on the latest release. https://github.com/FlightControl-Master/MOOSE_INCLUDE/tree/master/Moose_Include_Static Moose Airboss is now compatible with this cool mod. Happy landings!
  6. Yeah sure you will need both mods as all three VSTOL carriers are in my testing mission. RaDG-Operation Saipan Arch II.miz
  7. I have made an edited version of the moose.lua that includes the L61 Juan Carlos as an Airboss capable carrier, along with the new USS America LHA-6. Short video of it in use, setup at the moment to use spot 5 for landing, but this can be changed if needed. The videos I have seen has them using spot 5.
  8. Ended up moving the Landing Coordinates a little forward 6 ft and it works very well now for landing just behind Spot 7. Quick video I did doing a run around the pattern with Airboss. Really looks great Admiral. Thanks again.
  9. Looks pretty close for the Primary Landing spot, needs to come about 3 feet to port and maybe both the abeam landing stop and the primary landing spot need to move forward about 6-10 feet. Airboss use is totally acceptable as is though.
  10. Yeah I sent it to Franky, they may choose to not add it as they are only supporting official carriers at the moment. I can also take my code back out of the moose.lua and put it in a seperate script that you load along with Moose to support individual Mod carriers? I’m also going to play around with the landing spot position and deck dimensions, but after a night of testing it’s pretty accurate as is, at least within the bounds of my landing abilities!
  11. It's works fine, as long as you fly your approach 8m down the port side of the centerline to the hoverstop, Stabilise, then you will be cleared to land. You then cross to the tramline and land. The grading can be pretty harsh.
  12. For anyone that wants to use the awesome USS America with Moose Airboss - I have an edited a personal version of the latest moose.lua that adds the carrier as an AIRBOSS capable carrier, It's based on the existing Tarawa (WIP) pattern settings contained in the script. It's becomes a standalone carrier throughout the script, so you can have both the USS Tarawa and the USS America in the same mission as two different airboss objects. PM me if you are interested.
  13. Nice Work Admiral, I've been waiting for this release for a while. Looks fantastic, Let me know if you need some testing with the lowered collision model for the deck. Plenty of time locked down at the moment! Already have her sailing on a operational readiness workup.
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