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  1. At this point if your still having problems I would suggest opening a support ticket with ED. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/
  2. Just like usmcnaz, Once it showed "Completed" on the order page I logged into DCS and used the Module Manager like normal. I'm also on (open beta Stand alone). Hope you can get it all sorted out.
  3. just refreshed the order page and it says Completed now, looks like its just a delay. took about 12 or 15 minutes, now downloading. hope its the same for you guys.
  4. Same here, Paid with fully with Miles. It says order is paid but I can't install/download it. Never had any problems before so maybe just to many people trying to buy right now.
  5. Also remember that you need to confirm the latitude & longitude in the DED To get a good alignment.
  6. Red-Dog

    F-5E re-WORK

    Absolutely amazing work Lee1hy. I actually haven't made any personal Skins/Liveries for the F-5 yet, but now that you've made such a great template I feel like I really have to make some now. :D Have You happened to make any other PSD templates for the other aircraft in DCS?. Would love to see what any of my skins for the other jets would look like with one of you're templates. Either way its really cool that you put all this work into this and are sharing it with everyone. :thumbup:
  7. One thing it could be is if you start aligning your INS and you rearm/repair before it finishes, it'll fail to align. so you have to either align before arming up or rearm and than align your INS. also on your HSD page there's a label "XMT OFF" if you push the OSB next to that it'll change to "XMT L16". not 100% sure that has anything to do with the Link16 (still learning myself) but my be of help.
  8. Here's my fictional JG1 skin based off of Splinter pattern camos, I've done three versions. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aH-HeOc7_DVxXLj-BcV217cQ23gjZjIp
  9. The issue is with the .lua you have with the texture, try changing all of the false in these lines to true. {"NOSE_NUMBER_001", DECAL ,"empty",true};
  10. You can find the link in the first post here. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=196873
  11. Awesome Thanks, been wanting to paint a custom Harrier scheme to look like a P-51 but could never get the Spec-layer to turn out any good. Here's some screens of the 109 scheme I've done.
  12. Any chance I could get a hold of that metallic paint scheme as well, I'd like to try and make a P-51D scheme for my harrier.
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