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  1. u can find the way in here:https://discord.com/channels/803931291103526942/846137499989311529
  2. yes,huey is ok in anywhere,but both of the Ka-50 and Mi-8 will be restricted,these two models can't use all the pads
  3. First of all, thank you very much for your mod Now there is a problem, maybe because ED has changed some files, some helicopters cannot land or spawn on some of your PADs, such as Ka-50. If you do this on some platforms, it will cause damage to the landing gear. Eventually the entire aircraft was damaged. Is there a solution?
  4. great job, Looking forward to perfecting the air refueling function
  5. thank u for your replay Thanks for your answer
  6. I want to know what does this mean and how to implement this function: Added optional location (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude) so you can position the transmission. Line of Sight and Distance are respected if enabled. Who can teach me,thanks
  7. I see a lot of people saying that the AH-64E has a Link16, but actually it already has it on the AH-64D BLKIII
  8. First of all, thank you very much for your hard work on SR, this is a very, very good software, thank you, we love it.We have some suggestions, or ideas, which I would venture to discuss with you to see if they will be adopted by you or if you plan to improve them in the future.We found that the SR's encrypted communication function seems to be somewhat imperfect, or called "useless". While “Coalition security” in server settings is on, there is no need for communication encoding,because neither side can hear the other at the same frequency, whether or not the channel is encrypted. But encodin
  9. the update link looks like crashed
  10. Is it possible to release a version that can run on OB in the future?
  11. yeah,I've found that it can take off like a helicopter, but it can't land like a helicopter, and especially can't land like a helicopter where it wants to land, and also, why doesn't the propeller go up when it's parked in the parking lot, but anyway, thanks a lot to the production team
  12. The only regret is that the V-22 can't take off and land like a helicopter
  13. 假死,有些飞友在1.5.7OB版中就已经遇到这个问题了,正常。把DCS的进程关了,再打开就行。一次两次不行,就多打开几次。这个问题不知道2.5是不是能彻底修复。
  14. 虚拟笕桥航空队 联队/中队名称:虚拟笕桥航空队 网站主页/论坛主页地址:暂无 服务器名:虚拟笕桥航空队(主服务器/备份服务器) 服务器在线时间:24小时 活动方向:体系化PVE战役,COOP 联飞通讯软件:SR
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