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  1. I love the Harrier, but the external sounds leave a little to be desired. There's no sound cones or difference between the sound from the front and from the sides/back, so it sounds a little bit like a TIE-fighter howling by as it goes "IIIIIIOOOOOOOO". I've heard real Harriers both flying by and hovering, and the most prominent sound is a thunderous jet sound, not only a puny howl from the fan, especially from behind (from all sides in a hover) and at high thrust. I really hope that a better sound package could be created for the Harrier, as it is a beautiful module. So are there any plans
  2. From 03-14-2019, 10:51 AM: We're getting close to 2 years... I wonder if any attempts to fix the replays have been done at all. It would have been great (and good PR for the module!) if we could do cool things and then watch and record the replay and post them on YouTube.
  3. Here are two screenshots with the slider set to min and max. Zooming in lets you se trees farther away, so they do fade in as you get closer or zoom in, but the slider has absolutely no effect on how far away you can see trees.
  4. I'm struggling a bit with performance in the most populated areas of the Syria map, and I tried lowering the trees visibility slider (one of the few sliders that can be adjusted on-the-fly in the esc->options menu). And adjusting this slider (which I in Caucasus had to lower to about 70% to improve performance) has absolutely no effect in the Syria map, at least in the area around Beirut, where I tested it. It seems tree view distance is locked at maximum regardless of this setting. I did test it again in Caucasus, and it works there, so this is a map-specific issue.
  5. As for last weeks update, the changelog didn't mention that you did night lighting, stars, moon etc. awesome! The entire sim also feels more "atmospheric" during daytime. These changes as well as the performance increase over the last few updates have been most welcome.
  6. Didn't you say you had worked in software development? Let's simplify and say that there are 3 groups of developers involved in the development of an aircraft addon: 3D modellers (including texture artists), flight modellers (making the plane behave correctly in the air) and systems modellers (weapons, radars, etc.). Let's also simplify and say that the 3D model must be at least partially finished before flight modelling can begin, and that the flight model must be at least partially finished before systems modelling can begin. So either you could do it like this: Phase 1: 3
  7. Here's the actual size of the moon as seen from the cockpit at a more normal zoom.
  8. No, it's the correct size, but I moved the camera away and zoomed in. :)
  9. I just wanted to say thank you to ED for fixing the nights. We now have beautiful and realistic (dim!) stars, real constellations, a high-res moon and beautiful sunsets and sunrises, as well as the wonderful city lights and excellent aircraft lights and afterburners. We can even see the Milky Way through night vision goggles! So thanks for making night flying so beautiful!
  10. In multiplayer and clear weather, the boat responds with telling you to expect CAT I and call "see you at 10", but the communications menu only contains options for CAT II/III. Playing the exact same mission in single player, everything works and the "see you at 10" message is available to transmit to the boat after calling inbound.
  11. I can confirm a good performance increase, both in overall FPS, but equally important those small stutters when looking around, looking at many trees, turning sharply or taxiing, that made it seem like the aircraft speed varied up and down, are now gone, so thanks for that ED! :)
  12. At the same time, also allow mission creators to allow players to choose from ALL skins (regardless of which country the skin belongs to vs the country the plane belongs to), for free flight missions to allow users to select any available skin.
  13. Not sure, as even static object F/A-18's in single player cause quite an FPS drop.
  14. Same here. Let's hope DCS will provide Norwegian fjords one day. :pilotfly:
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