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  1. All, A simple feature we would like to see added to DCS Server Selection is a checkbox called "Favorites Only". Having this box checked would ONLY query your favorited servers and not the entire list. This would cut down on queries and generally improve the 'quality of life' on the Server Selection page. Thank you.
  2. I've done some Google searching and found a bunch of stuff, but I was curious what you all would recommend for someone learning the Radar in the RIO seat of the F-14. Buddy and I are giving the Tomcat a go and I'm looking for some quality information for him regarding the radar. We have checklists for engine start and alignment and they work well, now moving on to being more mission capable. Thanks!
  3. Gents, in the MiG-21, what is the keybind for "SOD IFF off/on". I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone else have issues where the tooltip in the cockpit doesn't match what the switch is called in the keybind section? I just picked up the MiG-21 a few days ago and saw some weirdness. I had a hell of a time trying to find some switches in the keybind section. Thanks for any help you can send my way!
  4. In the real jet, does the trim wheel have a detent for center that you can feel? I imagine there has to be so you can feel a bump or divot where the center is. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  5. For the love of Chesty Puller, I thank him you don't speak for all Marines. I don't know where you Googled the crap you just spewed but everything you just said is absolute garbage. "Devil Dog" is not racist by any means and your accusation as such is appalling. The ONLY accurate part was a German word I've never even heard of, and it sure as hell never came up in OCS, Flight School, in the Fleet, or ANYWHERE else, EVER. Not once, not EVER have I ever heard any Marine, Enlisted or Officer say anything even remotely close to what you typed, and I worked with them for years. If you were eve
  6. You can bind them to whatever you want ya know...
  7. Has anyone built one of these to sell? I'm interested =)
  8. I've been working on a few: Splinter Draco Jr KTM - Dakar Best Tugs: Best Tugs 2:
  9. Great video, I'm a fan of the CEII as well, doing a few liveries for it. NEVER EVER will I do camo again, what a HUGE undertaking to get everything to line up. I'm sure I could spend another 20 hours on all the little things that don't match up 100%. For the gents over at Best Tugs. Best Tugs for aircraft in the business!
  10. One issue is the DDI always displaying trim errors.
  11. Simple checklist for starting up your F/A-18 This is not real world accurate as it is missing steps, but it will get you up in the air... BATTERY - ON APU - START CANOPY - CLOSE INS ALIGN - GROUND (yes I know this is out of order, it doesn't matter) CRANK - RIGHT RIGHT THROTTLE TO IDLE AT 18% BLEED AIR (spin 360deg clockwise) CRANK - LEFT LEFT THROTTLE TO IDLE AT 18% DDI L&R - ON HUD - ON MPCD - ON RADIOS - ON STDBY INDICATOR - UNCAGE RADAR ALTIMETER - SET OXYGEN (OBOGS) - ON RADAR - OPERATE FCS - RESET <---------- This is important Take-Off Tri
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