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  1. Very interesting real insight Absha, thanks. Also didn't about that IFR qualification for Mirage and others. As they have ILS and Tacan onboard, I was thinking it was fully qualified for IFR approaches. Dark fury, you can still pick some IFR chart for NDB non precision approach ( at Kutaisi from example, you can find jepessen IFR chart on the web)and try it with Gazelle ADF. Quite intense approach :)
  2. Hello.guys, did you look here for the fix? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=198027
  3. Pretty impressive video. The ring is the HUD representation of a INS waypoint, here the airport with distance middle right of the mfd. Procedure is a Vertical rolling Landing with variable nozzle , speed was around 60 kt at touch. Nozzle around 70 on final
  4. GinGin

    TACAN for KC-130

    Very nice, thanks Danny
  5. @Chicken: very good sum up @Bravo: Yes, when hovering ( for now) with the hat on horizon, I found that stability point is more around 84° of nozzles, which makes sense with the 6° of nose up. For the 2.2 version, the pitch attitude on ground was wrong ( 2 or 3 ° instead of the 5 or 6 ° we have now in dcs 1.5 ), so hat were still at 6 ° below waterline in 2.2 also. Look at the third page and pictures on that topic, you will see better what I mean with the change in nose attitude at rest on ground. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=197392
  6. Same findings than you Bravo. I explained in depth the witches hat stuff here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=197392 On the last update, they fixed the nose rest attitude which is now at 6 ° nose up on the ground. That is a good point. However, witches hat are still at 6 ° degrees below waterline( almost on the horizon on the ground) instead of 8 ( 2 ° below horizon on the ground) For now in game, when we put the witches hat on horizon for the hover attitude (as describe in Natops manual), we are hovering at a 6 ° nose up attitude ( so 84 ° of nozzles required in g
  7. Ahah nice one Taylor, Merry christmas :)
  8. Yep, so hat needs to be moved back to -2 degrees and it will be perfect :)
  9. Good evening, quick note of what I observed since last update. Very nice fixes on that one. Attitude at rest seems far better, around 5 ° now( Nose strut less compressed than before) but witches hat are closer to the horizon line, weird. Nose strut/ Attitude at rest Last update before last update( 2.2) Witches hat Before (2.2) After last update
  10. Indeed it is linked in my opinion. 6 degrees for the hover attitude instead of the 8 we should have, hence 84 degrees of nozzle instead of 82 with witches on horizon works far better for me also.
  11. Nice screens guys. Nice Navy OPS Taylor :)
  12. Hey Terry, It doesn't seem to be an issue with HUD, more with the inherent pitch attitude of the Harrier.
  13. Nice stuff for the RWR in the HUD. And I see a fixed VV now, very nice :)
  14. Some tests on the Nevada with our Beloved Mud Mover
  15. Hello :) Sorry to up the post, but still wondering why we have 5 or 6 degrees of pitch instead of 8 when witches hat are on horizon. Another screen on Hover, witches hat on horizon, and 5 degrees of pitch.
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