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  1. While going through the Training series for the F-14B I found a bug with the Air to Air session. I restarted the training 5 times and it happened each time. The session walks you through what to do and gets you configured with the side winder. However it tells you to hit Space when ready. When you hit Space, it puts the game in Active PAUSE. The SU-25 then comes from behind, but instead of going in front of the F-14 it veers off to the left. With Active Pause on, you can't target it. I had to look up the bind to turn Active Pause off. Once I did that I turned the F-14 towards t
  2. Anyone have a PDF for the F14 or KA-50? I found a really nice for the UH-1.
  3. I really don't like either option tbh. TrackIR seems to only work in a room with no windows or night time. Lots of unrealistic movements, like you got a giraffe neck. VR is just uncomfortable. Blurry.
  4. Hey, can you all help me figure out if I should keep this or not? I've been messing with settings in DCS World for about 2 hours and I'm using the F-18C as my plane. I'm choosing the quick play - start on the ramp with engines running. The MFDs especially the moving map aren't that clear to read. If I lean forward towards them it gets a little better. Most of the clickable switches are just fuzzy enough to not make them out. What settings can I run to try and get some clarity around the MFDs & switch labels? I gotta say the comfort on this thing is dog shit at best. It wi
  5. would it be possible to finally fix the warthog throttle issue?
  6. man, I just bought the Harrier and ran into this issue.
  7. let this sting your eye balls. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Touchdown-Helicopters/Bell-AIDC-UH-1H-Iroquois-205/5121741/L hopefully you aren't blind after seeing that.
  8. KA-50: Nevada Fast Mission: Request Weapon Loadout. Quick Hover. Pull up targets around the Air Field. Soon as it fires the Vikrs or side rockets that cause smoke the fps plummets. It has some times caused the game to crash. This has also happened during the Republic Campaign. I tried changing: cockpit displays to 512 Every Frame Specs: R7 1700 & 4.0, 16gb ram, gtx 1080. ssd 750 evo. Avg FPS is 110. Soon as I fire rockets it does down to 20.
  9. had this happen again last night.
  10. just wanted to say this is real issue. it would be a miracle if I ever finished one campaign mission, because mine is crashing nearly every game. between track ir resetting every 5 minutes, or crashing. to now dcs world crashing constantly it's very hard to get excited about turning this on.
  11. sounds like your ap was off like mine. i was going crazy. but if pitch, bank, and heading are on it's pretty legit. also learn about auto director. it basically takes the training wheels off. useful for getting into a hot area. it's kind of like holding in the trim button without holding it in.
  12. Fri13: I have very little time in the shark. maybe like 5 hours, so this could be useless help. but I was watching a youtube video last night, and while using the HMS he was able to lock onto buildings / trees /etc. They attacked a barracks. In another video I watched, not sure which one. But they used the switch on the bottom left of the weapons panel from auto to manual. he explained it allowed to launch without having to have a lock.
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