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  1. I´m having multiple crashes when flying on MP servers with ping high or low, not diference, recieve a grey screen, and crash OK/Cancel window. Help me please!!! DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.log DCS-SRS-GameGUI.log DCS-SRS-InGameRadio.log dxdiag.txt dcs.log dcs.log-20210111-022754.zip
  2. some modules not save the snapviews, how can we do that manualy?
  3. Thx Alpen and company for the event very fun, there´s any tacview file in your server for debriefing purposes?? thx in advance.
  4. CA only is like play ARMA 3 PvP mission with airships only. CA is a suplement to a good Flight Simulator= DCS. CA+Helos is the best option.
  5. I'm sorry, but I do not kill myself in this tournament, they were just good shots of the gazelle, I do not know what movie you are watching, and enlighten me, what is your nick in this flight because I can not see where you are, stop saying bullshit and fly in next tournament, and after criticism. We flight for fun not cause we are frustrated Mavericks. We train hard for make a good show on the events and I recognize that my skills on Ka50 are not the best but I´m not kill myself I´m sure. Good Winds.
  6. thx Alpen I´ll be there with ECV56 pals o7
  7. Will there be a red briefing before the day of the mission? I am interested in knowing also if the Ka50 will have some joint training before. Especially AA technics with wingmans
  8. we go to the red side and Mistral came back is karma :clown:
  9. ECV56_Foxone Ka50 thx for the event.
  10. Thx 104th for other excelent event any time any where ECV56 will be there!!!!
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