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  1. It's tough at low airspeeds and high power settings - and starts getting really noticeable in a high power climb when climbing past 25,000ft and around 200knots or so. It's very easy to get it into oscillations trying to get ahead of it.
  2. Probably explains why it gets so weirdly wobbly up above 35k under power. 2500rpm, 40in of boost, 200knots or so and it just feels really unstable. It doesn't trim at all properly or want to stabilise.
  3. I'm reminded of doing track days on my car. The manufacturer says that the engine redline temperature is somewhere around 118 - that's the point where damage is all but guaranteed. The engine housings warp and it's basically a boat anchor after that. But, failure of the water seals starts becoming possible at around 105 - that's where the seal material begins to lose resilience. Sustaining these temperatures will increase the chance of damage - but doesn't guarantee it. Amusingly, the engine gauges read normal at this temperature and all the way up to around 110C.
  4. The rudder wakes up on most of the warbirds with enough throttle. Get some airflow from the engine. The spitfire is noticeably easier to takeoff at +12 or more - and the Mustang is incredibly stable with the trim set right. These things bite if you're too timid with them.
  5. The Lion and the Sun is rediculously hard - it seems that Fishbed flies with some sort of nuclear energy - you can't even run it out of fuel Last time I tried it I ended up having it do a 180 flip right in front of me like something out of Stealth. It does not seem to loose energy. Then again, I've only just started actually trying to Fight with the Tomcat - I took about 10 or 12 attempts to beat the 3-v-1 3rd Gen constant peg mission (I broke the Jet 4 times, ran out of fuel or ammo twice trying to swat the fishbed and got swarmed by the Floggers, tagged by a missile, or surpris
  6. Noticeably longer than other modules - on the other of 8-10 minutes. But it does work fine once the wait is over. The odd stutter loading Jester for the first time and the usual twitching and freezing when weapons are fired, or the radio menu is opened by *anything* but these are normal.... CPU: Corei7-3610-QM RAM: 8GB, DDR3, 1833mhz (I think) GPU Nvidia GT650M HDD: 500GB slab o' spinnan rust OTOH - we're sort of below minimum spec here so I'm amazed it runs once it is loaded up....
  7. One of the sole advantages of the xbox controller is that rudder work is easy enough. It's a lot like the Mig-21 in terms of difficulty. Maybe a little easier to land. But with much the same propensity for wandering off when you want to check the F-10 map - and without the 'Just fly straight and level' button on the stick. The hardest part I've found so far is the Jester menu. It doesn't map to an Xbox controller stick yet. That'd be dead ****ing handy if it did. Tomcat also has something vanishingly rare these days. Useful DLC that's available on launch.... EA would charge for th
  8. Well, they're similar in the same vein as most A-B's in the game. Either one would be an interesting addition. the Interceptor would be amusing because - if the fidelity is high enough - it could finally be used to answer the question... Could an SR-71 have been shot down by a Mig if the Black Line was just that bit too close to the airbase? That'd be a hell of an instant mission. From cold start, to take-off, to zoom climb, to firing off this massive IR-guided missile that the Blackbird doesn't have a countermeasure for..... and hoping it hits. that said, most people wi
  9. I still have a fierce grá for the YF-155's.... Either the 25's or the early 31's. They're both out of service in one way or another - the 25 especially is only sort of being used by the odd tinpot or some middle-eastern rebels fighting that tinpot. The 25 is a historical adversary for the Tomcat, doesn't fit in with the turn and burn meta and requires some skillful tactics to use correctly. It can also be effective even against 4th generation aircraft, if used by a pilot playing to its strengths, making fast attacks and using the aircraft's speed to evade technically better aircra
  10. On the one hand - I don't particually get on with it. I thinkl I'd need something other than an xbox controller to really do more with it than fly straight and level. Aerobatic attempts just sort of end up with something flopping wildly around the sky. On the other, I don't feel hard done by for spending 30 quid on it either. It's a wonderfully joyfully detailled little thing - from the creaking of the wings under high G's, to condensation on the instruments, to the effect of the mixture knob on fuel consumption. It's such a happy little thing. The manual along is excited and e
  11. TBH, Probably just going to fool around in it, do a few airfield circuits and maybe earn a few lovecalls from Jester in the process. My system's not up to combat atm.
  12. The over-G thing concerns me. It'd be nice to have some form of artificial damping on the controls - at least to compensate for the fact that there's no arsefeel or feedback from a lot of joysticks. Something of an anti-frustration feature. That's one of the strengths of the Bug - it makes up for the inherent hamfist of a rough stick. I've over-G'd mustangs pulling out of dive attacks simply because the game decided to momentarily pause while the damage to the enemy occured, then read my control input which held for the entire pause - wheras the exact same pull on three runs of the sam
  13. One of these days I'll have a potatoe capable of letting me get killed in multiplayer. Until then I have the AI to fiddle with. I normally just fly around to relax a little rather than actually fight the jets - and it shows. Would help if I wasn't trying to shoot sidewinders I didn't have...
  14. the Mig-25 was the way it was because its mission required it to be. It didn't need to turn hard. It needed to be fast - which meant resiliance to thermal stresses. It also needed to be light. Unlike the Blackbird - it also had to operate in rough environments, on a battlefield, and be manufactured in mass quantities. This was not possible with Titanium. This made steel the logical choice.
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