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  1. as title,will F-16C get a Episode for introducing cockpit first just like F-18C did?:pilotfly:
  2. I don’t know this before,it would be pleasure to carry some MH version. Thank you for answer my question .i will give it a go.
  3. I recently always confused about this: Which version of AIM-7 has the best performance in DCS for Hornet ?i hope my question can be answered,thanks.
  4. learn how to use ATC mode. and in normal way to refueling all you need to do is keep move your throttle forward and back~then your practice. Good luck:thumbup:
  5. ok~guess it would be cool when functional!
  6. I saw three switch for HUD DDI and MAN~but how can i recording HUD data when i flying or Landing?is this a functional feature?:helpsmilie:
  7. obviously,they are already testing it~:thumbup:
  8. as tittle,KC-135BDA version do not refueling for Hornet and basket does not at the correct position once i'm connect. for example:when Tanker said i am connected and i am refueling,but the problem is i didn't see my refueling pipe into basket,just like i'm refueling from air!!! FIX THIS!:book:
  9. Hornet refueling is quite easy,use ATC Mode you should success every time with full fuel return to base~
  10. ok,i take back what i said,update is Available now,IFF in the update!:pilotfly::thumbup:
  11. every update time is almost like Friday,so don't you think it's too early for ask an update~:pilotfly:
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