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  1. So checked this evening and I had it set to auto (hadn’t changed it) and 100% ss was 2724x2660 so I clicked on custom and 100% ss was 3168x3092. So indeed auto must be based on your pc performance and custom is the actual native resolution (@100% ss) ? sorry, I’m new to steam vr
  2. Oh ok, so lower for lower spec hardware etc? That’s interesting but still seems a bit strange, you’d think it was what it was and that’s it. Well all I can say is at my 100% it looked fantastic, and all my worries about sweet spot, comfort, improvement over the rift s vanished. Just hope I can get a new GPU sorted before the next global catastrophe rolls along
  3. Indeed it is, it’s a very personal thing which I suspect is why it can all get confusing for folks when trying to match other people’s experience/settings. For me the goal is a steady 45 in Liberation which I’ve pretty much got going on with my Rift S at the mo. I’d love the channel map (home turf for me) but I’ve not read good things about how it performs. Despite the G2 going back in the box tonight I’m really excited, it feels like VR in DCS is getting to the point I dreamed of when I first popped the CV1 on my noggin.
  4. Excellent, thank you. I’ll get those numbers tonight then I’ll pop it back in it’s box to hibernate till next year
  5. I’ll post the exact numbers this evening as long as the gods of parenthood are smiling upon me. as for ss and settings etc, I know it’s a balancing act but as an example what is your SS set at? I suppose what I’m getting at is, is 100% feasible with these new GPUs?
  6. My G2 arrived last weekend and I had a chance to set it up Yesterday. I'm using a 1080ti and am having some strange issues that at first glance would appear to be performance related but I’m not so sure. Basically it’s really laggy, for want of a better word, when I move my head. But this started all of a sudden in the menus after I clicked “generate” in the quick mission menu. Never had performance issues at the main menu so think something else is up, I’ll get to the bottom of it eventually. The reason for my post is, what SS are you lucky folks with fancy new GPUs running? I
  7. Thank you Miguel21! Couldn’t find a link to that on page one, am I just useless and blind? I did think no carrier was a long shot :) Anyway, thanks again
  8. I’m sure the answers I’m after are in here somewhere but as there’s so many pages I’d really appreciate it if anyone could take the time time to answer the following: Which F 18 Campaign should I download if I don’t have the Supercarrier? (Modern if pos, so no weapons limitations.) Is their one for the f18 with no carrier at all? I’m not very good at carrier landings ;) Is there one for the A10C II? And finally, what’s performance like in VR? It’d be great if you guys could help me out, thanks in advance
  9. Alas. Still I’m excited to try this when 2.5.6 is fixed, thanks for creating it. Now back to what DCS has taught me to do so well through repetition: Wait :)
  10. This looks great especially the sharpening, but am I right in thinking it only works on OB?
  11. Yup me too been there for some time
  12. But if you can’t be bothered with all that (life is short after all) try these out, there bloody good: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=247216 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=248098 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=249290 All great and not too taxing on the old hardware :)
  13. I found exactly the same thing, so thank the maker for the mission editor! The problem with self made missions is that you know where everything is right? Aha not if you can use triggers with late activation and flags to randomise what is spawned! I’m currently working on a mission for the spitfire on the Normandy map where via the radio I can chose to either escort b17s (choose between one of three flights attacking three different targets) Or attack one of five airbases (I’ve laid out five different airbases and it will randomly pick one and activate the units) or I can just fly out
  14. As cruel as it sounds Is that possible? Just wondering as I’ve noticed my performance drops when there are lots of little men floating down to earth. Thanks
  15. Just wanted to say a big thank you to you Reflected. I’ve only played mission one twice and I won’t tell you how I got on as I’ll be asked to leave for being laughably terrible in a spitfire. But what I have been doing is reading the book. Wow it’s a fantastic read thanks man I’m loving it. One day I may get past mission one and when I do I’ll be sure to let you know but in the mean time I just wanted to thank you for making me aware of this brilliant book. :book:
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