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  1. Can I please get a copy of the templates also that you have worked on like the Ammo transfer station and any other you have worked on. Your knowledge is far beyond mine on how these sites have been setup and what I can decipher and read from the aus airpower site. Thanks again for everything with this mod. You guys really have outdone yourself.
  2. Sorry but the Parking spots when using the AV-8 Put place you right over the water. Many other attempts to start on the Carrier cause an instant DCS Error and game crash. What gives ? IS it a parking position issue or issue when using waypoints with aircraft starting on the deck ?
  3. An awesome and original idea in the MOD community ! this is exciting to see. Will be testing tonight and following this close. Excellent work.
  4. How about a KM cockpit upgrade for this legacy module null
  5. 100% this. Thought it was my sound card drivers however it is not. Significant reduction in overall game volume when the radio function is activated and users join. ED please address this
  6. Greetings, not sure if this is reported or not, however The Overall DCS Game volume is significantly lowered whenever the Voice Radio is activated and turned on after opening the menu. As soon as all of the users disconnect, then the volume is restored.
  7. This is absolutely awesome ! thanks again for the great update and the HARM/HTS and MISC pages. Great work ! Any thoughts on adding VIP and VRP point data ? Have a great new year and thanks for saving countless accumulated hours of preflight data entry in DCS.
  8. Will do ill set something up. You want an email or PM ? Thanks Shrike
  9. very well said Uteman, However we shall see. The A-4 Community while helpful on this awesome free module, is not very nice when it comes to asking for things or suggestions in the special settings menu. I was Castigated on their discord for asking for such. Oh well. Its ashame as its almost insanely unable to be used and extremely more difficult on the HMS Melborne mod Carrier with the smaller deck. Oh well.
  10. Would die a happy man if we had the SU-25KM Scorpion. Would be an absolute Beast in DCS and can run on NATO munitions
  11. Any look or speaking with Khopa of intigrating this awesome logbook into Liberation ? Would be awesome to have a Tab on the Liberation GUI to keep track of all the Ai pilots as well as your own player as they now have squadrons settings and rankings in liberation. Keep up the great work. Would have to read the JSON outputs I guess also
  12. agreed ! still working on a FOB for the apache when it drops. Using the Marsten Mats mod by Sunstag also
  13. Any look or thoughts of utilizing this with Liberation outputs by Khopa ? Would be cool as Liberation generates the output files and kneeboards for the viper, to have the waypoints able to load into a file that DTC can read and augment our flight plans. Liberation already utilizes it but greater functionality of the two programs talking to each other would be awesome. Ill reach out to Khopa also as he has integrated Discord and other features into his liberation engine. Also any thoughts on adding preloaded markpoint functionality into DTC also ? Thanks again for this great and highly used program. Shrike
  14. Yea I found out and was disappointed. Still find it troublesome, no matter the practice. I know its more "True to form now" however wish we had the option as a checkbox on the special options tab to revert to the older method. OH well
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